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large optic nerve & learning disabilities

My 7 yr old son has been monitored for the past couple of years by a pediatric neuro-ophthalmologist for his large optic nerve. Is there a connection of learning disabilities for a child w/large optic nerve?

He's been seen by a speech therapist for articulation. His vocab his high. Just can't place tongue in right place.
Also, he's below reading level for his age group. His Sunday school teacher expressed her concern about my son
not being able to copy what's on the board at the same speed as the other kids. She said he takes a long time

Any suggestions? I was told by a relative to have a neuropsych consult and get tested. Which doctor profession
does educational testing? Do I call his neuro-opth to get referrals?

He's in a private school now so we don't have free services. Our local district says he would only receive 10 hrs
of therapy/year.

My husband thinks I'm going overboard. He thinks our son will grow out of it. His theory is that children learn
by "osmosis".
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I would suggest have him tested by a neuripsych. My child had a brain tumor and it caused problems with her eyes which caused problems in school. Her doctors suggested to have her tested because she has a brain issue. We went to Kennedy Kreiger In Baltimore and had her tested. It took about 10 hours but the results were not what I expected. I thought that maybe my child has some sort of learning disability but come to find out she does not have anything wrong. Her eyes are the biggest problem. You can't go wrong with having them tested.
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I agree with the neuropshy. I have a disease called Neurofobrmatosis which can affect your optic nerve and does cause learning disabilities. it is better to get him tested now to see if there is something wrong. If not then you are no worse off then when you started.
My now 7 yer old was just below his reading level and they said to get him tested for speech, that many times speech and delays in reading go hand and hand. he was delayed in speech also. it took a year to get him with speech and 1 1/2 school years to get him up to where he should be.
Good luck and I hope you can get him evaluated soon
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