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2 1/2 year old with SEVERE allergies

Is there any over the counter medicines that anybody has tried with a two and half year old, and they have proved to work with allergies? I have tried giving my daughter who has allergies so severe that she has lots of nosebleeds and runs fever, Benedryl at night and Claritin in the morning. Is there anything else that has worked for ya'll?
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Ck with the dr for use of Zyrtec instead maybe?   At what age will they allow Singulair for treatment of allergies.  Environmental i assume?  C~!
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My daughter was diagnosed with allergies 07/01/2008 with allergies to mold, cats, dogs, pollen, trees, dust mites, etc. She started with Extendryl, now have added Singulair and today Zantac for welts. Her allergies manifest in her skin. 6 months ago we thought she was austic because she only said 50 words (she turned 3 this September) and now she is much better.

Go to a pediatric allergist.
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My daughter is 5 and has similar allergies...cats, grass, mold, and food allergies.
We are starting allergy shots (I posted that as well!) next week. Her allergies manifest in her skin, too - eczema, hives, constant itchiness. When she plays outside for more than 2 hours, she breaks out in hives (especially if anyone is mowing nearby). I am really hoping that the shots will help her, but I have read mixed reviews about allergy shots helping skin issues...I am just really diving in and hoping that it will help - particularly with the grass.
We do Zyrtec every night (can't live without it!), and Benadryl for hives - but you can't give both together - so if she gets the Benadryl at night, we do the Zyrtec the next day.
Lots of creams, lotions, and skin maintenance stuff, too - but her allergies are the #1 trigger (sweating is #2!).
good luck - I will try to remember to re-post and let you know how allergy shots pan out. the thought of allergy shots twice a week is making me kind of sick, but I think it will help -
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my son is 2 1/2 and has been on zyrtec, clarinex, claritin, and generic brands of each one and nothing has helped....his alleriges are so severe that it caused his asthma......he has had so many ear, sinus, infections to count....and has had RSV 3 times in 3 months....if anyone comes up with anything please let me know as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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My older daughter 7, got major congestion at 3. My second daughter is 5 mo and been congested since birth. We went to an allergist after an emergency room visit and she started with nasonex and albuterol, now advair, singulair, nasonex plus tonsils/adenoid surgery.  
We'll see with the 5 mo old. benedryl helps her. going to ENT next week. the allergist says "normally airborne allergies dont happen for a few yrs, so it is food allergies or just stuffy...". I am a big believer in nasal rinsing! For infantsthe drs say saline drops. I also have a "sinucleanse kids mist" designed for infants from walgreens.  The pedatric nurse also said to try afrin - 3 days only! my husband uses afrin often and said not to do it right at bedtime or it makes him burp / reflux issues.
But i found sometimes it is better to let it crust up than constantly draining and interfering with nursing or sleep. At 5 mo she still sleeps in her car seat because she wont sleep laying flat, so it is time to search for better answers than - use drops, she'll grow out of it, her passages are just tiny.  good luck to us all.
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My granddaughter has severe allergies and has been on abuterol, breathing treatments once sometimes twice a day, etc., since birth. She is 6 years old now. She has allergy shots and her mom has to keep an epi-pen with her at all times. Just recently she had a severe reaction to her allergy shot (.04) and the doctors are not even sure why she had such a reaction and claimed they have never had that to happen to anyone. This is really scary since they had to use an epi-pen and give her steroids among other medicine which can be bad also. Is there anyone out there that has been through this experience? I would really love to hear from you and any recommendations for a specialist that would know about this sort of thing would be great.
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My 2 year old son sounds just like your son! Take him to an allergest. they will start him on shots. You will be shocked how much better he gets! My son has been on shots for 6 weeks and has done so well! I had to tell his ped to give me a refural. His dr didnt think he was as bad off as he really was! Hope it works for you!
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when my son was s2 i found out he was severely allergic to cats, i found a store brand or childrens zyrtec that was safe for children his age and it worked great! i found it at walmart.
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have you ever find anything to help... my son is 2 1/2 and has extreme allergies..... he takes ...allegra 5ml 2 x a day then 4 mg singular at night.... and albuterol treatment... he has had tubes places jan 2011... before tubes he had 6 ear infections..... since his tubes... he has had 13.... yea 13 ear infections... totaling 19 in 2 1/2 years.... awful..... so if anything helped you please let me know...... thanks
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Find a good pediatric allergist. Also try reflexology, which is a foot massage applying pressure to areas on the feet. It works, is non-invasive and there are no side effects.
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