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After a MAJOR outbreak of dd's eczema this past week, we started using Aquaphor which helped some until 2 days ago.  So, after very little sleep Sunday night, my husband and I combed the internet for any suggestions to try.  We found a couple of recommendations for Calendula Cream and finally located some at our Publix grocery store.  I also picked up (from California Baby product line) some Tea Tree and Lavender Baby Wash/Shampoo to try.  

The recommendation was to bathe and then slather on the Calendula followed by any steroid cream prescribed (we are currently using Betamethasone sp???) and then slather on the Aquaphor.  

We also cut back on her evening dose of Atarax (back to 1/2 tsp) to divide it up if she were to wake up (as she usually does around midnight - 1 AM).  She usually wakes up super thirsty, so the thinking was to cut back on the antihistimine hoping that would help the thirst.  Yes, that worked better, too.

Gotta say, much improvement!  Last night she was starting to resemble burber carpet on her chest and back, plus her wrists, ankles, and knees were scratched to bleeding.  This morning, just her wrists, ankles, and knees still had some issues.  Her chest and back were just about clear.  And she slept a whole 6 hours before waking up with the itching.  More calendula and the other 1/2 tsp of Atarax at 4am...and she's still sleeping (which may not be a good thing since she has to go to MDO this morning....oops!).

Oh, she looked pitiful last night, bags under her eyes, she looked absolutely miserable.  I hope this evening when we get home we see our little girl again and not a bundle of itchies.

Don't know if this is THE answer, at least it seemed to help more than what we were doing previously.  It seems that her prescription drugs work fine as long as she doesn't scratch to bleeding.  But once the sores start, the prescription drugs hurt badly.  The Calendula seems to help with the healing of the open wounds and calm the skin.

Of course, this also may quit working in a couple of months.  But for now, much better!
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WOW THanks for sharing this with us.

Do you know what is the trigger?

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Still cannot detect a trigger although going outside seems to be a bad thing and going to Mimi's house sometimes will set her off (perfumes/detergents she uses).  Hot water and heat will also break her out.  And we live in the South, heat is a given.

The Calendula works to help heal the skin, but we are still getting major outbreaks.  The betamethasone (sp?) hurts like the devil when her skin is broken.  We put the calendula on the sores and that seemed to help the hurt.

Seriously at a dead end with her eczema.  It's mostly a fight it until it gets better then wait for the next outbreak.  Doc says that rotating the creams (steriods) we've been given will help so that the skin won't get used to just one.  And that is probably going to be our answer.  We use one until it stops working, switch to the other and then switch back.

Ugh.  hate eczema.
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Wow, I am so surprised to hear this since steroid creams (at least I thought and have been told??) should only be used for short periods of time as they thin the skin. But I am a huge fan as well as I have a daughter who's allergies manifest in her skin.

We use Protopic, and recently when she needs something more as it was taking more than a few days to heal, I mixed Protopic with triamcinalone. Again, can only use these for no more than a week, but she was cleared overnight with the mix and cotton socks covering her legs (my hubby's tube socks went to her thighs, so they worked!)

Not sure if either of these have worked, but they have been a godsend for us!

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I had heard/read that too, but for us, she's going to have to have some kind of steriod cream for a while.  We have a doc appt with a dermatologist in December (hopefully we'll be in full breakout again by then).  We had a return visit with the pediatrician 2 weeks ago with probably her biggest breakout (even larger than the one in Sept).  She had developed an infection from all the scratching.  Ped put her on the second round of prednisolone in her life (last one was her 2 yr bday during a particularly bad asthma/eczema breakout and we were not giving her antihistimines at the time awaiting the allergist appt the next day), an antibiotic for the infection, and zyrtec for an additional antihistimine.

We have associated her scratching and breakouts to the increasing stress issues at her school.  She has been totally stressed there, not sleeping, itching.  And all that leads to more itching, less sleeping and bad temperment which lead to the removal from school request by the administration.  Kind of a round-robin no-way-out situation.

The long term use of the steriod may have to be something we'll have to deal with, but for now, it's either that or let her be one major scab.  I still think that calendula is wonderful for healing.
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hi the information you guys have talked about is wonderful...thank you so much....my grandson legs and arms was totally infected with the big sores as a result of the itching. the pediatrician put him on a compound of betametasone ointment mixed with aquaphor...it worked almost immediately...i was so amazed at the recovery...i have also modified his diet to exclude all high frutose corn syrpe and anything with gluten.i also put pure unrefined jehoba oil and shea butter on the skin in between the outbreaks to keep the skin well moisterized. i use only unscented tide and unscented dove for the bath....these things have helped a lot..thanks again for the information!
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