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Occasional swollen eye

My nine year old grandson occasionally wakes with a single swollen eye (on rare occasions both eyes). The first episode was when he was 2-3. It has happened 9 times in the last year with no apparent common denominator other than it usually happens during the night. He does have some asthma issues though not severe. He takes Clarinex 5mg and uses an asmanex inhaler at bedtime. From testing the allergist suspects a food allergy to milk or orange juice so they are going to do trials for both next month. I was wondering if anyone in this forum has experience with a similar problem? If so, was a cause determined? Thank you.
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When my now 15yr old was your sons age and younger, she would get awful green discharge that was passed off as pink eye or clogged tear duct but in both eyes; turned out to be severe food allergy but not life threatening that lasted for about 6 yrs ... severe intolerance to 12 of 16 foods tested for and would scream with pain in the abdomen from cramps, too.

Pls. let  us know what they find out?

Only one though .. odd ... could he have something on his hand and be rubbing his eye or new laundry detergent when he sleeps on that side only?

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No discharge at all - just the big swollen eye(s). He's had it happen for about 7 years - at various places so no common denominator other than it most often appears after sleep - but not always! The food trials will occur in August after his camp. I was hoping someone else had a similar experience to help with the puzzle!
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Hi Sheryl,

My 4 year old daughter gets swollen eyes which we are fairly certain is an allergic reaction. It started with only her left eye but eventually she had reactions that were severe enough that both eyes swelled up, and they sometimes stay swollen for up to 3 days. We first suspected dairy, because she clearly gets hives when she accidentally has dairy, but later realized the swollen eye was happening mostly when she was running a fever and taking Motrin, so now her dr thinks it's more likely a salicylate sensitivity.

May sound wierd, but I have a picture I could send you if you'd like to see if it looks similar to your grandsons.
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My 4 yo has done the same thing 2x so far, within 5 months of each episode. There is no discharge and it presents itself out of nowhere when he wakes up. The first eventually ended with what looked like an abscess or pimple and when he scratched it off, it weeped and the episode ended. I thought it was a stye so I didn't bring him in. I should've. So this next involves eurythromicin goop. I personally think it's b/c of our cat, both sleep in our king sized bed.
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i have a 3 yr old who woke up the last 3 days with a left swollen eye lid.  It seems to get better during the day but looks bad in the morning.

He does drink milk at bedtime and naptime.  Could this be the problem?

He has no fever and no redness in his eye, just swollen like he got bit or bumped it.

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My son also gets swollen eyes. It only happens when he is sick. The doctors think he is allergic to omnicef so stopped giving it to him. Today it happened after he took motrin. I took him to urgent care and they gave him a antibotic in the omnicef family even though o told them several times he was allergic to it. Thank god I called his regular ped doc before I gave it to him.  Doesn't explain why his eyes were swollen to begin with though.  
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I have had ongoing allergy problems throughout my life and now its been passed on to my girls. If I would stay the night at a friend or relatives, I'd get big itchy swollen eyes. Same with me kids! I know the source!!!! It's dust and dander. For example, I cleaned my 3 yr olds rm top to bottom and rearranged furn. today.....she played for a few hours. Now? Swollen eye! Ahh! So the trick: give benadryl and give up to half tsp more than normal. (liquid form) Keep a watch, check their back, belly, thighs, and botttoms of feet. If all is good, offer them a snack and if you keep calm their body will react accordingly.

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Can anyone help me to understand why my five year old daughters eyes are so puffy. It's eye lids and under eye are baggy. This has been since Tuesday. fever started on Thursday. Fluctuating as high as 102.7  .  No pain either. So concerned.
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My 2,5 y.o. had the same problem with her eyes completely swollen and in the morning she couldn't even open her eyes...under eyes are baggy..doctor recommended Benadryl and prednisolone. First time it happened half year ago with mostly just one eye swollen..I am guessing it is some reaction on certain food but I don't know exactly what had happened. I wish I knew the answer - it looked so scary!
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My son is now 5 and has the same thing happening to him for the las two years!!! The hospital and allergist don't know what it is... Please let me know if you get any new information...I don't know if I should leave my email address or not? Please reply to me first , then we can figure so,etching out I guess... I'm scared, I don't want it to be a sign that something is wrong inside his body, he often has loose stool, diarea, and belly aches... I don't know if its relevant or not! I just want to know why his face is swollen, hopefully you have found some answers?
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I would take him to a different allergist!  My 4 year old daughter has allergies to dairy, peanut and egg.  Hives, swollen eyes are the symptoms we see on the outside.  The same thing happens on the inside.  Since we are all unique, the allergies, although may be similar in symptoms to others with allergies, I am sure can have a somewhat different effect and symptoms on each affected individual with allergies. My daughter may have hives, a tummy ache and loose stool and another reaction may only cause hives and she says her tummy feels ok and her stool is normal.  Something else to consider is there can be one or more issues causing the symptoms, example someone may have allergies and end up with a bacteria infection from the congestion the allergies caused.  Simple saline works great to keep the nasal passages clear.  Although liquid benadryl causes my daughter to be tired and irritable, it works well to relieve the uncomfortable symptoms my child has.  She went to her grandma's house yesterday and played it was going to be her first overnight visit and she ended up with swollen, itchy eyes and came home.  I gave her Benadryl and the symptoms have subsided.  She has been at grandma/grandpa's house many times and no problems, this is the second time over a year this has happened at their house and once at preschool. ???
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It sounds like your son has Vernal Allergic Conjunctivitis. I know it's a few years ago that you posted this. I really hope he is now going through puberty because in most cases they grow out of it during puberty! It is more common among boys than girls. I know a lot about it as I spent years arguing with my doctor about my sons eyes. It was stressful for me and debilitating for him! He is now 14 and after suffering for approx 12 years seems to have grown out of it. (Touch wood)

These things will help-

-oral antihistamines daily (clarentyne is non drowsy)
-Zaditen eyes drops on mild days (no prescription required)
-steroid eye drops for bad days ( this is where your fight comes in with regular GPs doctors! Most state "one eye bacterial, two allergy". No!!! This is wrong! You CAN have only one eye at a time affected and also sometimes both eyes. They will also say discharge means bacterial infection. No!! Vernal Allergic Conjunctivitis has a white string like discharge. You will know it when you see it. Fight for the drops for your sons comfort)
-cold compresses -(we used to wet a face washer/flannel and wrap a ice pack inside it. My sons used these daily for years!)
-if there is white stringy discharge you can clean the eye with soft muslin and saline solution.

I would like someone not to have to go through what we went through so if I can help in any way please email me ***@****

I wish you all the best.


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Yes mam please post a picture a.s.a.p !!! This is my first and only child and she woke up this morning with one eye crusty and half way shut .I know its her allergies. and she is on claritin for her allergies when they bother her.I took a warm wet wash cloth and cleaned it gently. It doe_s look little better but its still bothersom to her. Please tell me what else can i do at home that isnt expensive at home? Please let me know please at ***@**** !!!Thank u so much , Mandy W.
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This happened to my 2 year old a couple times now.  The last time it happened he was playing with the Easter eggs at his Grandmothers house.  Today it has happened and I have no idea what it is from.  I took him off cows milk for 2 weeks.  He has had allergies his whole life and we have not been able to find out exactly what they are from.  He is always congested and coughs whenever he runs or is super active. :( I am starting to worry the coughing is signs of asthma.  But his eyes??? My poor baby. :(
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My son had all those symptoms, we had him allergy tested after he ended up in the hospital because he couldn't breathe.  The found lots of things he's allergic to and he was diagnosed with Allergic Asthma....meaning Asthma brought on by the things he's allergic to.
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I experience swollen eyelids every now and then but have been unable to pinpoint it to any kind of food or medication. It usually starts off like the size of a pea somewhere on my eyelid, doesn't hurt but is uncomfortable for my eyelid crease when my eye is open. If i worry about it, the swelling increases and takes over my entire eyelid. I take phenergan which knocks me out and sleep it off or another antihistamine. It usually goes within a couple of hours but for swelling of my whole eyelid usually takes a day until the puffiness has gone. I have a cough at the moment and the doc says it is caused by asthma as the cough is dry and no cold symptoms or anything. I had the eye issue yesterday and he said that swelling of the eye area is caused by asthma.
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