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Azithromycin failure?

10/12 I took a 14 day course of Doxycycline in December for sinusitis.
27/12 Contracted Chlamydia
27/01 Chlamydia symptoms begin to show after sex with different partner who was clean (initially tingling, then sharp pain when urinating)
09/02 Tested- diagnosed NSU and prescribed 1000mg Azithromycin
13/02 Symptoms much better and barely noticeable
15/02 Confirmed positive Chlamydia
05/03 Ongoing mild symptoms (slight pain when urinating)

I'm guessing the Doxycycline course shouldn't mean resistance to Azithromycin but I've included that for clarity. I'm considering going in for a retest/more antibiotics but I've heard that you should as much as 3 months for a retest. I want to start having sex again in 12 days so I'm inclined to go sooner rather than later, or should I not be too concerned by mild stinging at this stage?

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If you retest it should be 3-4 weeks after finished last course of antibiotics.
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15/03/13 Chlamydia retest came back positive. The nurse said I should wait at least 6 weeks but I still had symptoms. She also said there has never been a case of Azithromycin failure. Am I that much of an exception?
15/03/13 Prescribed 7x 200mg of Doxycycline and symptoms are fading. Recommended not to have sex for a week but should I wait longer?
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It only takes 3-4 weeks after medication for the body to fully flush dead bacteria from it.

Well I would wait the week and use CONDOMS.

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