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I had unprotected sex May 12th 2016. I felt a sting at the tip of my penis but I thought it was just sore from sex. On June 8th I went in to Urgent care do to painful sting and needle feeling at the tip of my urethra. Doc gave me 1G Azth and a shot got gonorrhea  I went in and the urine culture was negative for gonorrhea and Chlamydia. They also did blood test for both along with Syphilis, HIV and HSV 1-2 and all came back negative expect for Chlamydia. First, how can chlamydia be negative in a urine sample but positive in blood? On June 20th I had unprotected sex again (with the same female who was treated aswell)and the sting came back. I went in again on July 12th with the same needle like pain. Again the urine came back negative for all along with another blood test (all negative including the chlamydia which was first detected through blood). How so? I don't know. So then I was treated with 1G Azt again and sent on my way. They gave me Tylenol 3 for the pain(it was needle like and the only way to calm the pain was to pinch my head). I then went to see a urologist for the pain, which was not happening during urination, just throughout the day off and on. He said it looks like I had it twice and the area is trying to heal and takes time. He did a swab(which wasn't all that bad but still uncomfortable) for the rarer organism. Negative again. I then took a 7 day Doxy (July 28th) and it helped with the pain which by day 5 was very little but still annoying, its like a numb feeling at the head along with being hot. Every since then I haven't felt right. Tip still burns ad odd times. 4 hours on and 1 off and back on with the irritation. Its been rough and draining because im constantly thinking about the pain and why it wont go away. I had my 14 week test done and all results were negative. My primary doc rarely gets back to me and the only doc that seems to care is the urologist but he says give it time to heal.. 2 months of healing??or more? This is really draining and affects my day to day life. Any help or insight would put my mind at ease.
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