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Chlamydia for 3 months yet I'm negative.

Hello, to keep a long story short. I was in a fairly new relationship with a girl, for about 2 months then I deployed. Three months into my deployment she goes to the emergency room for crippling abdominal pain. The doctor diagnoses her with not just one, but two STDs chlamydia and trichinosis. She swears up and down to this day she never cheated on me, however my two test results came back negative. A little back story, we never once had protected sex and had sex on average 7-10 times a week.

How honest is she being with me about not cheating, or am I just being naive. The military doctor told me, I 100% should've contracted something.
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You do see too many of these stories to be myth. They are rare and the high infection rate maths apply in the vast majority of cases. There are a few possibilities:
- are you sure you haven't had any other antibiotics since being deployed?
- chlamydia can be cleared by your immune system, three months seems short but I suspect it is possible
- some men seem quite immune, getting up the urethra is a challenge that chlamydia seems to overcome readily but maybe not for all men, some men who need to pee straight after sex suggest this helps them stave of UTIs etc.
- potentially your partner's chlamydia was not present in vaginal fluids in sufficient quantities to infect you but thrived in deeper areas such as the fallopian tubes

There is enough in what I have seen over time to suggest there is sufficient benefit of the doubt here to trust your partner.

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