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Chlamydia mystery... antibiotic resistance

Wall of text! i will try to put everything in chronological order:

* So i get new girlfriend and after hooking up for a while finally we did a deed without condom (stupid i know).

* After a week I start getting itching inside urethra, white clear discharge. Got tested- sure enough chlamydia test came back positive for me and new GF. Considering the timing im pretty sure i got it from GF.

* Got prescribed Azythromycin 1g and off we go.

But here it gets interesting.

* Took the pill which according to sources has 97% cure rate. Well it didnt work. Symptoms subsided for maybe  6 days and within next 3 days came back. I must add that i was NOT re-exposed and girlfriend tested negative later on. So for her azythromycin worked.

* Called doc again and he was convinced that somehow i was reexposed and gave me same antibiotics again.

* But before i took the second dose i got a home "iCare" chlamydia swab test. I did the test in the morning  (clearly got the discharge on the swab) and CAREFULLY followed the instructions. The test came back negative.

* Despite all that i took the second dose. Sure enough same thing happened. symptoms subsided and came back again within a week. There was no chance for reexposure.

* Week later I repeated another home test "iCare". swab test in the morning before peeing, following instructions- Negative results....

* After 3 weeks of second dose i went back to doc to repeat the lab PCR test- chlamydia remains POSITIVE. Doc
prescribed doxycicline.

* Unfortunately/fortunately for unrelated reason i got prescribed Klacid at similar time. Even before taking doxycicline it seemed to have got ridden off symptoms within 2 days. Ofcourse I still took Doxy to be sure.

* Now im waiting for 1 month to get retested and hope for a negative results

Here are the FACTS:
* 2x doses of medicine with 97% cure rate DID NOT work (not reexposed).
* Very accurate PCR test came positive for me and GF (cant be false positive for both of us)
* 2x HOME swab tests showed NEGATIVES (yes i understand that these are much less reliable than lab)
* Clearly had chlamydia-like symptoms so there was clearly an infection

So heres what keeps me awake at nights:
Did i really have chlamydia?
Is there any other organisms which can trigger PCR test positive?
Am i just so unlucky with medicine and home std tests?
If its somehow Azythromycin resistant strain how come medicine worked for my GF especially since she was carrying it before me? shouldnt we have same strain?

so confusing....
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Yes you did have chlamydia. Why is it not going, well reinfection is the usual reason. Did your partner have a negative PCR DNA chlamydia urine test two weeks after taking her medication?

There is little chance of a false positive PCR test, it looks for the actual DNA of the chlamydia bacteria.
Hi, thank you for your answer
After initial treatment we did have sex once AFTER 7 days and with condom (followed doctor instructions).
I say reinfection not possible because it was after 7 days and her second PCR test results showed negative. Mine PCR remained positive. She is cured im not.

After my second dose i didnt even touch her. Symptoms still came back.

Why i have resistance and she doesnt? She was the source so she had it longer than me.

Also i the home tests really so inaccurate? I did them when i had full on infection and yet still both tests showed only control line.
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The important thing is to take your antibiotic, wait two weeks, get a proof of cure test and then you can move on.
Yes thats the plan.
Im just kind of person who like to know for sure. My doctor seemed she didnt believe that i actually had antibiotic resistant case and said she never saw such thing in her carrerr. Had hard time explainint it.

Assuming i somehow got reinfected after 7 days first time- could it become resistant second time i took azythromycin?
The second reinfection is truly impossible unless my hand spreads chlamydia.....

If lets say i had 2 infections: chlamydia and mycoplasma- would that render azythromycin less effective?
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No, you should be all good.

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