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Chlamydia present for over 15 months undetected or be a false positive?

This past week I visited Planned Parenthood to switch birth control pills. My previous pill were causing severe hormone imbalance and I could not deal with it anymore. When I went they did a urine test to check for STIs and STDS. Over a week later, this morning, I received a call that unfortunately results came back positive for Chlamydia.

I have been between crying and panicking all day- even after my appointment this afternoon to receive my antibiotic. My partner and I have been together since January of 2015. Neither of us has cheated. We're at the point in our relationship where we've been ring shopping. Now my entire world has been flipped upside down and shattered.

He cannot be tested right away (it'll have to wait until Monday) because of a sports tournament that he is attending right now. There is no way to get tested without alerting the entire team and coaches of the situation. My question is- we have had different partners before. We had partners before we dated. Is there ANY possible way this could be present for extended months or years?

I asked my nurse and she seemed doubtful treating me like a floozy and implying that one of us was lying to the other. We've both offered to take lie detector tests to save our relationship. I am torn up and heart broken right now and none of this makes sense. This is not a casual relationship- we live together and spend 350 days out of the year together. How could this possibly happen? Any sense of a false positive (I also asked the nurse this after reading cases online and she laughed and told me to just take the medicine)

Other helpful information: I have never had any symptoms. None. They believe that I could my pelvic pain could be a symptom but that has been going on for years (since I was four) I go to the doctor at least twice a year for stomach and pelvic pain. Anything would help! I'm completely lost right now.
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Hi there, i am no expert about this., but i just want to share some thoughts since i was in the same situation way back. Exact situation as what you're currently in right now, the only difference is that we're not yet living together. I know you're frustrated but don't take away the possibility that it could be your partner who is the carrier of the said infection. I'm also into reading medical websites and forums online and found out that you can't just get chlamydia through sexual intercourse (from other person) because there could be a possibility that the infection could be a mother-to-child transmission though that rarely happens.
I am not saying that either of you and your partner cheated if mother-to-child transmission doesn't apply to you both. What you could do best is to undergo treatment and do as what your doctor instructed. Good thing i have an open-minded boyfriend, he helped me go through to that one hell of experience. If you're partner truly loves you, he will also do the same and would still stick around. Just try to be open to him and bring him to the doctors with you. In that way, he will have the chance to know more about Chlamydia, the causes and the treatment.
Good luck and god bless..

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