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Chlamydia treatment reliability?


I recently contracted Chlamydia in January from a female friend after the condom slipped off during intercourse. I was treated for this about a month after with a single 1g dose of azithromycin. I was still having symptoms 5 days after so I had another 1g dose six days later to make sure. The symptoms, which were testicular pain and pain during urination have subsided a bit, however there is still some pain during urination now and again. This was all a month ago as well.

Now a month later I recently rekindled with a ex and stupidly had unprotected sex the second time round. I've heard she's been quite promiscuous since we dated so i instantly panicked and have started a 7 day course of doxycycline to make sure. However, as I am now on panic mode I am wondering whether the previous two doses of azithromycin actually managed to cure the chlamydia in the first place which would mean I infected her which I obviously don't want.

I even had a home test a couple days before we had the unprotected intercourse however because of me messing up the labelling they wouldn't tell me my result. All they told me is that I had nothing to worry about but would need to retest if I wanted an actual confirmation of the result which is all very vague. One one hand, the fact they want me to test again implies to me that they found something, but on the other if it was positive I hear it is usually the case that they have to provide you with the result regardless so you are treated quickly. As a result, I feel like testing now would be pointless as I wouldn't know whether I got the infection from her or if it was the previous infection if it came back positive.

Now my question is, do you think the first two doses of azithromycin would have treated the chlamydia? I've read that it had cure rates of as high as 97% so i thought it would be unlikely for two separate doses to fail six days after each other. However, I've read many stories on here with people saying that it didn't work for them which has got me skeptical.
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I think that what you were medicated with would have worked just fine.
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You know I am having the same thoughts about that. My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years. Being the control freak that i am. We get checked every six months. But we have had unprotected sex for like month and I recently got checked again at the beginning of the year and they said i was diagnosed with chlamydia.

So i told him and we both took the Azithromycin waited like 2 weeks then everything felt normally again. Condoms being used right. so we figured it was all gone.. but now I'm starting to feel the symptoms again and I am stressed and angry that this thing is back. I mean was it ever really gone to begin with? or what.

But they also say that like alcohol and tobacco substance or something like that can interrupt with it. Could have been that. idk
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So you have been with him for 2 years and tested every 6 months for chlamydia? Then if you have chlamydia this would be a new infection by someone going outside the relationship.

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