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Did I test too soon?


I had unprotected sex. 11 days later I went for testing. I had a few symptoms and I was worried. Came back negative for STDs and positive for bacterial vaginosis. They prescribed my flagyl. Prior to this I had frequent yeast infections.

A month later I had an abortion and they gave me doxycyclin as an antiobiotic.

My questions are:

1. Did I test too soon for STDs?
2. If I did, and assuming I did actually have chlamydia all along, would the doxycyclin have cleared it up?

Right now I'm worried because it feels as though I do have a yeast infection, but they occur so often I don't know what it actually is.

Thanks for you help

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She is very mistaken, 3-5 days is actually fine.
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1. Gonorrhea and chlamydia at 11 days is good
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I called the clinic and the nurse said it may pick up but it is usually better at 14 days

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