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Have Chlamydia Since 1998

My question :  After having Chlamydia for about 18 years . Will Doxycycline kill all bacteria in scar tissue left behind from a long duration Chlamydia infection ?


At age 16 , I had the burning pee, and puss symptoms that lead me to the clinic to see a doctor.
Test showed I had Chlamydia. They gave me a shot, and antibiotics to take for 2 weeks . I regularly forgot
to take the pills and after a week I stopped altogether after symptoms went away. I went back to clinic few months later when symptoms came back, and they gave me the same treatment. Stupidly once again, I stopped meds after symptoms went away.  About 6 months later the symptoms came back but only mild burning pee sometimes. I did not get help until over a year later when my Left testicle felt heavy and sore, I got tested for hernia. Nothing.
I went to another clinic and told them about my Chlamydia , they gave me a shot . No pills . Symtoms never really  went away.They got worse when I Noticed a dull sometimes heavy pain in my left side. I saw another doctor who though I could have kidney stone. Took ultrasound and said I had a 1cm stone. All I saw was a static blotchy picture with a random circle around something that did not look unlike any other distortion on the picture. A few years go by and the testicle and side pain get worse, I go to emergency room and they run tests , then tell me I have nothing and that I should wear tight underwear for better support. I tried that for a few months, did not help.
Time goes by and I see my girl friends doctor , he takes blood and pee test, dose not see anything. Examines me and says I have a cyst on my left testicle, and some bulging around by vas deferens that was varicose veins.
He also told me to wear supporting underwear . So Over the past 10 years I have been trying to get rid of this pain.
Doctors are telling me , the multiple treatments I had in the past should have cleared me up. And that there test show nothing.


   I find info in the web about untreated Chlamydia, how it spreads eventually in men , and I can relate to all these symptoms they talk about. wow!!  Then I read about a doctor in china who treated a guy who had Chlamydia for about 5 years, he was treated but did not finish all meds on 2 occasions , then let it go for a few years until his left testicle became heavy and sore. The doctor treated him with a normal prescription. His symptoms did not clear up , the doctor tried again . Still the mans symptoms came back few months later.
The doctor concluded that over the years the bacteria leaves behind scar tissue that is hard and callus. It takes longer period of time for antibiotics to penetrate the scar tissue therefore dose not completely kill 100% of the bacteria. A longer period of time was needed for the medication to do its job. He extended his prescription for another month along with probiotics . It worked .

I saw a doctor again, first time in a while. I explained all this to him. He ordered tests done and gave me a prescription . Doxycycline 100mg 2 times daily for 2 weeks. Then 1 a day for 1 week  
Both my testicles are infected, both have epididymitis, both vas deferen's are lumpy and hard.
Doctor explained to me that the side pain was from infection of the vas deferen's where it extends up and around to the back of the bladder. And not PID .

I been through some serious bs in the past with doctors . I come here today to share my experience. I am not cured , after only taking the med's for 3 days . the side pain and balls seem to be acting up bad. I assume that mean's its working. Seeing past what ever the test say, weather or not I need a specialist . Ever bone in my body tells me this is from my STD back in high school. Im wondering if antibiotics be enough.  Thanks for Reading  
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Just to be clear, you have never really finished the antibiotics? and after many years they gave you antibiotics eventhough you tested negative for chlamydia?
It's not good to not finish your antibiotics everytime as this could make the Chlamydia more resistant to the next antibiotic you take and harder to get rid off.

To be honest, I don't think you have walked with Chlamydia for so many years. From what I understood from Experts pre antibiotics man only walked with Chlamydia for longest a year before their immuun system got rid of Chlamydia.

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Correct. in a nut shell this is what happen.
My buddy warned me that this girl had gonorrhea cause she gave it to him. I had sex with her and sure enough I got the burning pee 1 week after.  He had a friend who was a military doctor and he gave me a shot of penicillin and pill to take 2 times a day for 2 weeks .. I only finished half the meds.  About 2 months go by and the burning pee returns. This time I go to clinic and they tested me. As I recall, they said I had Chlamydia. Again I was givin a shot of something, and pills.  I dont think I finished the meds.  A year goes by and Im getting the burning pee again but its off and on. I think it will go away on its own so I do nothing. More time passes and my left testical is heavy and sore. I get another clinic treatment but only gave me a shot of something. Pain dose not go away, and now pain in my left front side. I go to another clinic and they test me and say I have nothing. They tell me I have a kindney stone.  I start to feel a lumpy sac just above my left testical when I feel it. My girl friend takes me to doctor and this time blood, and urine are tested .  Again  nothing found . Since then the pain has got worse, same is with the right testical now . The pain comes in waves.  Ice seems to help . I saw a doctor recently, waiting for test results.  ultra sound test is comming soon. So I will find out.

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