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How long can it take for chlamydia to show symptoms?

About 5 weeks ago my roommate and I received oral sex from the same two girls. He was infected with chlamydia, but had been on antibiotics for 7 days. About a week and a half ago I had sex with a different girl unprotected. I started showing symptoms of chlamydia three days ago and went to get treated for it two days ago. I need to figure out the source of the infection, I am leading towards it being the last girl I had sex with, but am unsure. Is 5 weeks too long to show symptoms of chlamydia? I am a male.
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There is no real need to overthink how you were infected. All partners since your last negative test should be informed (anonymously is often a provided service by you local government health care department).

Chlamydia is often asymptomatic for extended periods of time and many people never experience symptoms.
It's more complicated than that, one of the original girls was my girlfriend at the time. We broke up for awhile, I had sex with second girl and now I have gotten back together with my gf. I do not want to infect her, but I am afraid she might already be infected from the first experience and don't want her to have complications from not getting treated and I also don't want her to know about the second girl.
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No sorry, this is not complicated at all.

You have a moral and probably a legal requirement to have partners informed that they have been with a partner that has been diagnosed with chlamydia.

Your own desires and needs about who knows what are secondary to this, sorry.
I agree, I also have not been diagnosed yet. I have not had any sexual relations with girl 1 since girl 2 because I wanted to get tested first. Girl one was aware that my roommate was infected, but had been on antibiotics for 7 days.
The only way girl one could have been infected was in the original encounter
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Tested negative

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