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Positive how to tell current partner

Ok, so this has been the week from hell.  I get a late night text from an ex partner, that they might have an STD.  I have no talked or did anything sexual with him in over 2 months.  I was clean before this, and I never had symptoms or anything.  I moved on and started talking to someone else.  I got tested and find out I do in fact have Chlamydia.  Now I have to tell my current partner this.  I found out yesterday and because of our work schedules I might be able to see him till Monday.  I want to tell him face to face, but I know I need to tell him ASAP. I'm just afraid he is going to so mad at me.  I just would have never put him in this situation had I know because it's my fault for trusting an ex partner that much.  But any tips on how to go about this? Because I'm scared and I need to get it done.
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So you have had unprotected sex with this new partner?
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Im sorry to hear that you got that bad news from your Ex :( And I cant imagined how terrified you must be to tell your new flame that you have STD. But the best now would be just put all cards on the table right away, so you dont put him in a bad situation. And he can decide for himself. Its not like you knew about this, and if he is a good person he will understand this.

My thoughts for you ahead, you should think about how to tackle this problem  with medications. Because there are a few alternative things you can handle the situation. 1st choice is go to the doctor and get him to prescribe a medication. The most common once are 1 of these three. Zovirax, Famvir, Valtrex. BUT have in mind that they also comes with great side effects. You should look up these side effects further in details each one of them.

2nd choice: Go the alternative route, I found a video on youtube for you

A few of these alternatives are among them, tea leafs, oil, garlic and Aloe Vera.

There are a pros and cons. The pro about the food, is that you just need to eat a certain type of food for you to contain the virus from ever come out.
(Its not possible to kill the virus at all, and the medicine cannot help you with that either) And the cons of the medicine is that you need to keep your medicine with you all time in case you should have an outbreak. Which I also mentioned earlier that there will be an side effect to it.

I hope this helps to some extent
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