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Swollen testicle remains after treatment. doctor said may be varicocele

Hi, my boyfriend's left nut is swollen and it felt like their was a small lump.

We went to the doctors to get it looked at, which included an ultrasound and urine + blood test for stds. The results came back with chlamydia and he got the one-time treatment a couple days ago

Yesterday, he went back to the doctor's because his ball still hurt and was told it is varicocele and was set up with an appointment to a urologist in three weeks

Is his doctor right about the varicocele?
Why wasn't he told about this earlier?
Is three weeks too long to see the urologist for this?

What are his chances of being infertile?

Does chlamydia cause varicocele? Or is it epididymitis, and how long does it take for the swelling to go down after chlamydia treatment (if it does)?

Thanks so much
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Hi and welcome. Chlamydia is and std and with treatment does take a few days to clear up. It does not cause  vericocele. The enlarged vein is common in younger men and science is not sure the cause. It is thought that overweight may play a role. Have him wear some tight underwear or a jock to help support his testes to releave any pressure. If the doctors know he has this and makes the app at that time, then the wait should not be an issue
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3 weeks is a long time to wait when you want things to get batter ASAP, but it takes some time for medication to work, basically if symptoms don't improve after 2 weeks then a follow is needed with his Dr.

Give it some time and let the medication work, no reason to be concerned right now.
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