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Took Medications, Sypmtoms Persist What to do?

I got tested positive for chlamydia, 1st doctor give tetracyline 500mg 3 times a day for a week, but on the fourth day feel dizzy, go to second doctor, he told me to stop tetracyline and give me vibramycin (doxy) 100mg twice a day for 7 days.

Couple days from the medications start symptoms is gone. until 1 week after medication ends, I feel mild icthing in the tips of the penis, and in the penis and also urgency to pee often.


1. Does this symtomps really lingering for three weeks??? after the medication??? if so, should I get along  with it (ignore the symptom) and retest on the third weeks after medication end to make sure everything is fine????

2. Should I go to the doctor now, and he could give medications again with out comfirming the bacteria is eradicated or not???

3. If I go to the doctor he gave me medication again, when should i get retest again????? 3 weeks from the medication end??

4. Is it any strain of bacteri really resistance to the medication i took above???

5. after i stop the medication, does my body still fighting the bacteria ?? or the drug does the job??

Thanks to anyone who answer....
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1. Can take up to 2 weeks for all symptoms to disappear. I would ignore symtpoms for another week and return to Dr if they get worse or do not go away.

2 Wait as I said above

3. Not going to jump ahead that far

4. Can't say

5.Do not understand
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Thanks for the quick answers,

So next week I will Update here. right now i just ignore the symptoms. but keep watching it.

btw, two weeks after the medication ends or start of the medications according to your experience.

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2 weeks after you have finished it.
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Today I Feel:

still have the slight tingling inside penis, but the intense is less than yesterday.

In the morning I have bad urgency to pee, but it have slow down for tonight.


I have searching the internet, all are saying it is can last to 3 weeks.

Some said It is a part of flushing out the dead bacteria out of the body system after the medication. And after that I can retest to make sure everything ok, and the test should not pickup any dead bacteria dna for the false result.

So I got to trust the medication. because the medicine also has passed the so many test and qualifications. And I should calm down and trust the pro.

I will update, so everyone can benefits from my experience.
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im in the same boat man i tested positive took azythromax tested negative i was clean for 4 months didnt have any sex during that time and my symptoms came back and i just finished a 1 week 7 day cycle of metrodanzol 500mg and sympotoms are still there but my doctor tols me to play it out and if gets worse to go back and get refrence (pardon my spelling) to a specialist for infections an go from there
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Did you retest after 3 weeks after medications end?? are you retest using urine test or urethra swab??? if you have comfirmed by lab test i think it is not a chlamydia problem anymore, you got another problem to check up with urologist.. :(

Still have tingling sensation inside the urethra, but more less than yesterday. and urgency of pee is not felt anymore.

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Today is exactly Two weeks after the last pills of vibramycin,

Today i still feel kind of sore or some feeling inside the urethra. just like when i haven't treated..

Also I just notice aftter pee, i still leak for a while. do you think it's kind of lingering chlamydia symptoms?

Or I patient a week more and go to screening again. then go to the docter or go tohe docter directly?

The last docter who gave me vibramycin told me I don't have to go to the lab again if i take all the medicine. But in this situation really confusing.

I can't tell that I'm free or not from trich.

If I go to another docter I guess he/she will gave me more drugs to make sure. But I'm curious with the last medication effect is working or not, or it is symptomps of another problems.


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Well I did swabs and urine tests and both came back negative for everything no chymidia, gohnorea, syphalis, herpes but there's still discharge no pain during urination and no bad smells just sticky white discharge
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The medications workssss!!!! even with the symptomps along the way within the curing period.
7 days vibramycin works.

It is comfirmed by the labtest PCR swab on the discharge that i milk from behind the testicle and anus up to the urethra in the morning before pee.

the first test the doctor poke in a long cotton bud into my urethra, it is comfirmed positive.

the second one just from the discharge i mention above. is it the second sample collection procedure produce accurate result???
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