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Welcome to the Chlamydia Community - Please Read Before Posting

Welcome to the Chlamydia community forum here on MedHelp!! We are so glad that you found us!!  This is a forum for members to post and ask questions about chlamydia infections.  Thank you for taking the time to read through this info before posting - it really does help us, help you better.  If you have any questions about posting to MedHelp, feel free to ask on the board.  

When posting to this forum - it's helpful for all of us if you keep posting to the same original post that you make.  You can bookmark your post so that it's easy to find or if you click on the "my MedHelp" button at the top of the forum you can view all your posts you've made on MedHelp which makes it easier to find a particular post of yours too.  It just saves members time if they can glance through your "story" before replying without having to go find multiple posts to read first.  It also gets very confusing when someone has 4 or 5 posts going all at the same time.  

The doctors from the std experts forum do not stop by to read posts on the chlamydia communities.  If you want their advice you need to pay to post on their site. Also if you’ve posted to their site, please do not post the same questions to this forum too. Be patient and wait for them to give you their responses.  

Please do not post the same question on the chlamydia community and other communities unless suggested to post a specific question to another community.  We have fabulous herpes, HPV, STD and HIV prevention forums.  Please use those forums for questions pertaining to those infections.  *This forum DOES NOT address HIV concerns - those belong solely in the HIV Prevention Community.  We have links to all of these forums at the top of this page in the community description.

NO PICTURES!  Please do not post any pictures of your symptoms whether they are oral or genital or any body part.  The pictures are so small we can't really see anything anyways, and this site is pg-13 so it's inappropriate to post pictures of your genitals.  Also, we are not your doctor - you need to be showing symptoms to  a trained medical professional - not to strangers on the web!   We can not diagnose you here on this patient-to-patient community, so no need for pictures.  

Patience please :)  Our members and CL's are volunteers, and get to posts when they have time. There are some absolutely terrific posters who stop by the forum regularly who will gladly help you when they have the time - don't get antsy if someone doesn't answer your post in a hour or two.  If it seems like your post got missed - just reply to it again to "bump" it up to the top again where someone will probably see it.   We strive to make sure that every post is answered within 24 hours of being posted. We know that’s a long time to wait when you are looking for info, but with everyone volunteering their time, it sometimes does take that long.  

Please, don't get mad if you only get the response of  "you need to see your provider about this and get testing done". We will gladly help you with information and support you when you get a diagnosis but there's only so much we can do until then. Nothing replaces a personal exam and testing done by a qualified medical professional.  Until you've had proper testing done - it's mostly guessing.  

Please be aware that anyone who continues to post excessively after being asked to stop doing so by the Community Leader or Moderator will be subject to additional warnings/action by MedHelp.   Also, any member who creates a 2nd nickname is also going to be subject to action by MedHelp, too.  

Please be courteous to the other posters and don't hijack other people's threads when inappropriate.  Start your own thread so we can help you specifically in that thread with your question.  We realize that the idea of chlamydia can be very anxiety provoking but we can better help you if your concerns are mostly in your own thread with your own personal information in it.  

We try to see to it that every question gets an answer, and the community leaders of this forum, auntiejessi and gracefromhhp, vance2335, get a lot of private messages, so please make every effort to post chlamydia-related concerns on the forums.  If you have a MedHelp related concern, or need some technical support, feel free to PM any one of us.  

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this before posting and thank you for your cooperation with our requests.  We hope we can help you get the answers and the support you are looking for!


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