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chlamydia and gonorrhea naat testing window

On saturday January 30th, I received unprotected oral sex. I am worried about coming in contact with chlamydia and gonorrhea. The individual who performed the oral sex was a female and i am a male. She said she was clean but from my understand she sleeps with a lot of men. I ordered a chlamydia and gonorrhea test from a third party site that has a list of clinics that perform the urine naat test for the two infections. There site as well as there rep state i can get testing 2-5 days after exposure with a 97 percent accuracy but alot of sites state to wait 2 weeks. So i am unsure on when to test the test was expensive so i dont want to test to early and receive inaccurate results. Is 2-5 days safe. The oral happened on saturday morning and today is monday and i was considering on going and taking the test today (monday). Am i safe to do so? is this enough time? thank you in advance for ur help.
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Also forget to mention the naat test performed is a urine test
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