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Cholesteral heart attacks

I am a 27 year old, 6 foot 4 inch, and 212 pounds male. My numbers: LDL 191, HDL 42, Total Cholesterol 261 and my estimated Coronary Heart Disease risk is 1.3. Do I have a serious emergency issue?

Side note I took other tests, if you need other figures to answer my question, let me know. Thank you so much.
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also total cholesterol/HDL ratio is 6.2
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Not an immediate crisis, but now is the time to make the life style changes to prevent a problem in your 40s. You should discuss diet and exercise with your doctor and discuss if meds are required as your LDL is well beyond the recommended level of 130.

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You should change your lifestyle by changing your habits and take care of your health. Take the proper diet which doctor recommended you and use diet that are cholesterol free. Don't do hard work which created problem of heart.
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