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HDL to high?

Hi, I just got my cholesterol levels back and my HDL is 196...total is 277....LDL is163. Can your HDL be to high?
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I'm no expert,  but I think something is wrong with the information you were given.   Either the test  was flawed or  the reported numbers are inaccurate.

Your total cholesterol is 277,  which is too high for good health,  however the problem is that they also give you a HDL of 196 and a LDL of 163.
Those two add up to 359 which is more than your total cholesterol.

I do not think that is possible.    
You need to retest or get the real results correctly.
All your numbers are high.  

I suspect you have listed your Triglycerides number,  196, as your HDL number.
Perhaps someone else may comment.  
Are you positive you've read the results correctly?
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yes, I have always had high HDL numbers, last time it was 104 about 5 years ago. Here are my results from the blood test:

total cholest: 277
Tri's 165
LDL :163
Then it says Non HDL cholestrol 196
Glucose 111
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ok, just figured it out, NON cholestrol is your total  cholestrol minus your HDL, this makes way more sense....now that would make my HDL 81.
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