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High cholestrol and high LDL and normal SPGT/ALT

I am 35 year old unmarried female, i am 5feet 2 inch and my current weight is 63 kg/ 140 ib after one year dieting started when i was 77 kg.I have high cholestrol and high LDL issue in genes (my father had high cholestrol with high bp issue). My Blood pressure is normal, My cholestrol was 207 mg/dl, LDL = 160 mg/dl and HDL= 40mg/dl from 2011 to june 2015 with few up and downs but in reports of  oct 2015 and march 2016 my cholestrol is increase up to 260 mg/dl, LDL = 198mg/dl, HDL=51mg/dl, triglycerides = 100mg/dl ,
my other results are
Liver function test result are  ALT/SPGT = 16U/L, SGOT = 19U/L, alkaline phosphate = 114 U/L ,
i am vitamin D deficient. march 2016 current level of vitmain D(25-OH) =26ng/ml . i take 600000 IU two injections in 2013 when my level was 4ng/ml and then i take 200000 IU one capsule  in oct 2015 .
My prolactine level is also high since 2002 means between 75 to 100 ng/ml
My menstrual cycle is also irregular means come with gap of 40 to 70 days.

kindly tell me why my cholestrol and LDL is high if SPGT/ALT is normal. Since august 2015 i limit my whole day oil consumtion is olive oil two table spoon in a day and one table spoon purified butter in a day. once in a week i eat one dunkin donut, 250 gram yougard . i eat one egg daily.
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Your liver enzymes do not affect your LDL, usually the other way around. Your diet is fine, in fact the current thinking is that diet only affects about 10% of your total cholesterol numbers. Have you had your thyroid checked? your metabolism may be off.
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