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22 with real pain, what am I doing wrong?

I just turned 22. Since about 13 or so, I've suffered from "mild" scoliosis. I wore the braces, I did the therapy, I took the ibuprofen. I eat Tylenol, advil, and ibuprofen daily trying to cope. Obviously, it does nothing. After pleading and begging my doctor, I went to see a neurologist. He said that I essentially have a nerve issue, but didn't give me a name. My hands go numb, twitch, reflexes are terrible in my arms. My legs also twitch, but I have overactive reflexes in them and hot feels cold, and cold feels hot. I asked about my back, if maybe according to what is happening to my legs, if it's possible that the nerves are over acting to the pain caused by my scoliosis.. he said absolutely possible and probable. Keep in mind, I asked because this is the original reason I went to the doctor. I've never had any other medical issues.

The pain is from the base of my skull, all the way down to right above my tailbone. Sometimes it's tender to the touch, other times its just a sharp pinching pain. A couple weeks ago, I bent down to open a dresser drawer and felt immediate sharp pain in my lower back that dropped me to my knees and took my breath away. Since, if I twist or bend, I get that same sharp pain that makes me gasp. It hurts so incredibly bad. Otherwise, it's usually a dull ache ALL DAY. Sitting, standing, running, walking. Even doing laundry or sweeping my house makes me so sore that I want to cry myself to sleep, and sometimes I do. When I lay down at night, my back spasms for a good 10 minutes before I can finally relax.. but the soreness is still there. Massage therapy, targeted pain massage, chiropractic care.. none of them have helped. Massage feels good WHILE it's happening, but not after.. it's almost as touch distracts my nerves so that they don't send pain signals anymore, but the second touch stops, the pain is back.

I have no idea what to do. My doctor refuses to prescribe me anything besides ibuprofen. She once gave me tramadol, but I become violently ill when taking it. I didn't ask for medication, I asked for any ideas she could have. She told me that it's impossible that I'm feeling this pain (weird because I'm the one going through it, and my entire family and boyfriend watch me gasp for air and cry almost daily), accused me of being a drug seeker, and essentially shut me down because I'm "too young to know."

I'm not too young to experience pain. It hurts and I'm at my wits end. I'm tired, my existence is tired. I'm fit and as active as I can be without my activities hurting so bad I have to miss work the next day, but still fairly active.

Does anyone have any ideas? Who else should I see? How do I get through to people? I'm not looking for drugs, I want someone to believe me and help me figure out how I'm going to go through life with this increasing pain. It was tolerable for years, but it's becoming worse as worse as time goes on.
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