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Current pain level?

What's your current pain level from 1 thru 10, with 1 being the least and ten being the most pain?????
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hey shinty  how are ya? Need some humor?
How about a "Pain in The ***" Poll?                                                          (now c'mon don't "redact" that word as i am referring to the animal variety---really-----trust me!.......
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i am wondering if some words are just auto-replaced with ****. Like we don't know what the word is? Or so we are protected from hearing things like +++++  and *****  or even ^^^^^^   . I want the $$$$$  .  Darn.  Dang> Shoot>
Ok so why do humor? Because it is the best pain relief. According to many! Including Edgar Cayce! Yep. That old ****** . I love him!
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pain scales dont apply to me

what why you ask

long story first im adhd

i used to hang on the wagon wheels got severe 2nd degree burns

but mom and dad didnt know till later that night mom caught me holding my hands strange

they rushed me to the er the cops almost arrested them for the stove torture thing

then they finally figured out it was my wagon

a long life of fires electrical etc i cant feel my hands texture soft stc

adhd took pain to a new level it was there it was horrible

but i was able to tolerate more

i grew up chronic fatigue and others i just found out

so they called me lazy every name in the book

that brought on a sick game the more i hurt the more i could take it

that must mean im doing my job

i had a 500 pound water cooled spot wielder its crain broke

it ripped my shoulder bad luckily no injury to muscles etc just way out of socket

i worked till the boss caught me

to many like this then martial arts and others

i can sit smiling until i pass out from it so they always call me a fake

its sounds stupid bragging or whatever

but im on a second scale above the normal

im not proud im not happy but a 8 or so is a very good day

its no exaggeration its living hell nobody understands or believes

your past damage haunts you now and a 40 mph rear end ripped my back

im suffering so bad but my life has never tought me how to express pain and wasn't allowed to express it

im 40 now 40 or more percent of my mobility and life is gone

i just lost whats called a IT band in my leg

wow i finally found the end the limit of what i can take

everyday its a big rambo hunting knife stuck in my thigh

try putting something that pushes hard there

its close to impossible to walk to climb stairs get up anything

i make my wife mad all i can do is cuss allot i dont know how to cry whimper cry out how i really dont know

so the original ? pain scales are a outdated unrealistic table that isnt made to fit people with pain disorders

i can hide mine i can look normal but inside im in the worst hell on earth

i also got a dying calcifying gland in my brain headaches every day migraines with no normal symptoms just pass out its to much i go fetal and pass out

now on meds and emergency migraine meds

thats how i tolerate so much pain i dont want to i want to feel good but i have lived from day one in pain

best wishes
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