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Frankly, head feels like a rotten apple 24/7 since June 2002!

A toxic, poisonous, irritable form of tiredness that is always with me 24/7!  I can't enjoy life anymore!  I even have to rest on the sofas during the day, because it's a living hell carrying my skull around the house if I stand or walk about!
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You can try to remove sugary drinks (soda, etc.), ice cream, sweetmeats, and all forms of crystallized sugar(in tea, coffee ) from the diet, which can effectively alleviate CFS for some people.
It was like witchcraft.  A rotten, new form of life took over me on June 1st 2002, at about 11:20 pm.
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  I'm so sorry to hear that you have such fatigue and for so long.  This sounds like it has been truly terrible for you.  I'm assuming you have worked with a doctor to help diagnose any underlying cause?  What types of tests have they done?  I urge you to continue to work with your doctor and keep pushing for improvement of this.  

Here is some general information about chronic fatigue syndrome. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/chronic-fatigue-syndrome/symptoms-causes/syc-20360490.  There are usually underlying things going on but in truth, they often don't know why someone has unexplained extreme tiredness.  Working on various things may improve it though.  Do you see anyone in terms of therapy?  Are you taking any depression medication as it is so often very closely linked?  Do you have much support in your life for the issue?  

We're here to discuss this with you.  
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I am a 49 year old man.  I suffered from anxiety disorder from March 2002 to late May 2002.  Distorted thinking overpowered me on June 1st 2002, at about 11.20pm.  This lasted for two weeks.  Then on June 15 2002, an evil Jekyll and Hyde force overpowered me!  I had obsessive thoughts to become an evil sworn enemy of the universe!  Urges to murder God and for me to be a wicked ruler of the universe!  Weeks later, I was struck with a strange form of tiredness that never left me 24/7!  Skull feels rotten especially around the forehead and eyes sockets!  Four years later, in May 2006, I was put on fluoxetine.  This helped to deaden my evil urges.   I was diagnosed with OCD and anxiety disorder.  BUT I AM STUCK WITH THIS TOXIC, POISONOUS FORM OF TIREDNESS THAT NEVER LEAVES ME!  Today, I rested on the sofa this afternoon for two hours, I call it CHRONIC DEPRESSIVE HEAD FATIGUE.     Thank you so much for your good heart and listening ears.  Keep up with the good work.
Today, August the 5th, I endured another rotten day.  Life was really a living hell!  I really cannot stand living with this rotten stench anymore!!  
It is Wednesday the 4th of May 2022, and I am still living in hell with my afflictions!
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