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CFS and pregnant

I have CFS and i am 15 weeks pregnant. The pregnancy was a deliberate choice, but i am still a bit scared. I am 31 years old, in a relationship with my husband for 14 years, and have been wanting a baby/child for many years now. I got diagnosed when i was about 24 years old, and because of that, starting with children has been postponed many times. I have since the diagnose tried many treatments, but nothing caught on. I did learn how to deal with my symptoms tho, manage things better, we have cleaning aid once a week etc. We decided it's now or never.

Now i am pregnant, and very happy about that, and sofar all has gone pretty smooth (just extra fatigue and hesitant to take paracetamol when i have pain). But i am also scared: about carrying the baby last months of pregnancy, if giving birth isn't going to be to heavy for me, how it will be once the baby is here (i do have help from family, and i hope to get a place in day care for a few days a week, just in case), if my child(ren) will get cfs too, etc

Any CFS moms that can share their experiences, perhaps give some tips?
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I am like you, CFS for 8 years and 8 weeks preg with second child. I'm 36 and 1st baby is 10 months.
Try not to worry about your condition and pregnancy as it can still your joy!
Having CFS means that we are more able to cope with pregnancy fatigue aches and pains and nausea, so draw on your strengths!
Think about a c section for delivery as this is less exhausting option. Don't be afraid to take paracetamol as its perfectly safe I used it throughout my 1st pregnancy and she was fine! I opted for bottle feeding so husband could share feeds and turn about night feeds. My baby is at the top precentil for weight and height and has never been sick. She has gone to a childminder 2.5 days a week so I can rest those days. I have a cleaner every two weeks. Here for you if you need more chats! I understand x
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