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Delayed sleep cycle, always fatigued, lacking sharpness .. how can I overcome?

I am a 41 yr old single male and recently I have been facing this more than ever. Last 3 yrs or so, I have flexible work hours and I stay up till pretty late (4-5 am) and wake up equally late as well (12 noon-1pm).
This is because I don't have a compulsion to wake up early like I used to during my regular job.

But I don't have much of a problem sleeping and generally get a good 8 hrs decent sleep everyday, except at somewhat unusual timing compared to the civilized world. However, last few months I have been feeling very fatigued and I lack energy when I wake up in the afternoon and it shows on my face. My brain seems sluggish and my voice harsh and my eye feels like when I am sleep starved, but I am not really sleepy.

It has made me feel that I am not as sharp as I am used to, although I haven't struggled much work wise when I have needed to. I also like to point to the fact that I masturbate almost every night before I go to sleep and I am wondering if that might also be a factor in this feeling of tiredness.

It has started to bother me as I am not really feeling energetic, which has always been a major part of my personality and I want to address this before it turns into a more severe issue related to depression or worse.

I know I probably need to change my lifestyle and late sleeping habits but it would be great if I have a more stepwise suggestion on how I might be able to bring my life back to the way it used to be 3 years back.

thanks in advance..
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Also check your Vitamin D3 and magnesium levels
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Hi DASMASTER. World of Warcraft?

Your circadian cycle is off, due to your  late sleeping schedule.
You may also be exhibiting some early signs of depression.
Developing relationships and a wider social circle is important, as I feel your transition from your previous employment situation,may have caused your social life to decline.

Pulling back on masturbation might help, but I don't personally see this as a big contributing factor.

Singapore is truly a beautiful and very colorful city and you can create
the right circumstances in your life, so you can enjoy the numerous things the city offers. I spent a week in Singapore and absolutely loved it!

Maintain a better schedule,get out more, join a club, a gym, engage in activities which interest you(in addition to gaming,if that's what you're into), optimize your diet (the variety of foods there is crazy!) and
hang out with people who are fun and influence you in a positive way.

Hey, DASMASTER, my intention is not to criticize you and your choices,
but to bring to your awareness some facts,some of which I suspect you have already considered.

Best wishes,

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Thanks Niko! You haven't said anything new, but I guess it still helps reinforce what I probably had a hunch about. I will try to do as you have suggested. Let's hope it gets better and makes me feel better. My late night oil is burned mostly on TV Series and Fifa16, other than Live football matches but I'll try and cut down on at least 2 of the 3.
Couldn't finish the reply and it got posted. Thanks again and if you come to Singapore again, let me know :)
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