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Ebv or Cfs?

Hi please help me out with this. I was diagnosed with reactivated ebv 11 months ago. Had insomnia, night sweats, brain fog, fatigue, muscle aches, headaches, lower grade temp, swollen face and glands, the Drs now think it's become Cfs as my pcr viral load is undetectable yet I have active antibodies. My symptoms now are fatigue, brain fog, muscle aches, tinnitus, high frequency hearing loss, balance problems. Could this still be the ebv or does it sound like Cfs now? What treatment would you suggest?
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Getting checked for Nutcracker Syndrome and May-Thurner Syndrome. Both can cause Chronic Fatigue and the symptoms you're describing. Search Nutcracker Syndrome and Chronic Fatigue and you will find what most doctors don't know about these conditions. I've had chronic fatigue for the past 25 years and recently began developing brain fog, body aches and balance issues. After having a stent recently for May-Thurner Syndrome, all problems disappeared almost overnight. Hope this might help as I know most doctors have no idea about these vein compression conditions!
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Sounds like CFS but you have ebv with symptoms. Of course you have antibodies to ebv, everyone does. Its waste of time looking at them if they are normal or slightly raised. I had to put up with CFS symptoms for 15 years including the balance problem and fatigue and brain fog. Mine went after 15 years along with all the symptoms. Try citirizine for blood flow to help your circulation and balance. CHeck your thyroid but if it is normal then it isnt going to help taking thyroid pills although you can try and see if it helps for 3 to 6 months. just hang in there, take it easy, sleep, walk, exercise gently and hopefullt it will go away sooner or later. try antibiotics if u want for a month to see if it helps
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