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Feels so empty

Is it just me? Who feels empty. This CFS is so hard to deal with everyday. To face. To live with. To carry around.
Is it just me? Who feels worthless. Like a big partybooper. Like a failure. Like a depressed little girl.
Is it just me? Who always have to choose between things. Who always prioritate wrong. Who always feels so alone?
Is it just me? That always feels pain. That always have negative thoughts? That feels the whole world suddently weren't so big?
I dont know. It's just so sad to feel this way... Is it anybody else?
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Hi EBirgitte and welcome to the forum.

Probably millions. You're not alone, to suffer from CFS and symptoms of
depression, negativity, loneliness etc.

Have you had hypothyroidism ruled out?
This alone could explain CFS and most of your symptoms.

Either way, something very important in regards to
Thyroid testing :

Thyroid Serum testing is flawed, as it is not indicative of  cellular thyroid function !
Most conventional doctors order TSH,T3 and T4 at best.
You need Free T3, FreeT4 and Reverse T3 to determine accurately your thyroid function.
You can do on your own Dr. Barnes Basal Temperature test for thyroid function, just follow the online instructions precisely.

Let me know about this, but please note that my comments are not intended to replace medical advice.

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I agree with Niko. Many suffers from the same condition. But the point is on how those who suffer the condition will address the issue. We can either let the condition beat us or we beat it. Talk to more people, to your doctors particularly.
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No, don't blame yourself Ebirgette.I suffer with it and have similar symptoms e.g depression, negativity, and loneliness. The problem is  I  feel I cant to the main one , being my mother, cos sometimes I get the impression that she thinks im bringing on the symptoms myself by thinking about it. It can be very hurtful at times and upsetting cos I feel I want to talk to someone and nobody really wants to know, which sets off emotional distress!!
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I'm really  Sorry to hear you are feeling so sad.
I am sad too, mainly because I have been sick for four years and I don't think I am getting better.  I want to....but it is hard because I can't even discuss it with anyone at home.  I feel misunderstood.  Don't give up though.   There has to be something that will help.

I hope you are feeling better now.    alice
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You may feel alone but we support you. I have had much success after using Lyrics for several years. It took 6 months before noticing that my fibromyalgia flare ups were decreasing. I also began juicing twice a day. I purchased a VITAMIX from QVC the shopping network. It was very expensive but they do have a payment plan interest free. The VITAMIX grinds up all the fruit and pulp to a perfect liquid. When I started taking in lots of fruit and vegetables this way and taking the Lyrics I began to have a little more energy. Especially when eating oranges, pineapples and mangoes juiced together first thing in the morning with nothing else. I felt energized for two hours. For lunch I eat salads with loads of celery, different lettuce and a little avocado and tomato. Juice again in the afternoon and a light dinner. You might give it a try. Just know we are here for you.
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I suffer everything you describe. I've had cfs for 4 years and m.e. And fibro. I feel I am only getting worse. Feeling of no hope, no one understands let alone listens. Feel like in a bubble from rest of world, and either ignored, avoided or talked about. Guess that's paranoia. I dread the future, older, alone, terrible thoughts.
Good luck xx
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