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HELP! all day Fatigue and Weak shaky/restless leg spells

I am a 31 yr old female desperately seeking answers on my constant fatigue and leg weakness/shakiness spells. Been going on for about a year. I will try to make a long story short. i have a 21 mnth old daughter. right before i got pregnant with her, i completed my first half marathon. in pretty good shape. but, since her birth, i have been under a great deal of stress from a number of things. work, extended family drama, listening to my mother's everyday drama, in a car wreck, daycare drama, etc.....   It started about a year ago. I get very weak and have symptoms of hypoglycemia. i purchased a blood glucose monitor. And, at my weakest point, my sugar level is around 80. even fasting level in the morn is around 80. so i ruled that out. After my daughter, i wanted to lose baby weight, so i drastically changed my eating. now, i eat grilled chicken, kale, spinach, cabbage, oatmeal, pumpkin, apples, almonds, sunflower seeds, etc. after feeling tiredness daily, i started incorporating whey protein powder and protein bars daily, along with 30-45 min of 5lb. weight arm and leg exercises in the morning(i have to push myself to do it). I now have muscular arms, but It doesnt help my fatigue. Sometimes i feel as though my legs are like jello and im going to collapse. I can walk and could use my leg muscles if i had to, but would struggle). even occasionally get cold sweat. but sugar level is fine. My hands have also been VERY dry since my fatigue started. to the point where they crack and bleed all the time. so i usually sleep with lotion on them and cotton gloves on. I do hair, but have been for 12 years and this is the first time ive had trouble with dry hands. heels crack too and bleed. and overall skin is dry. I experience NO pain at all. just weak all the time. and the weak legs spells where the feel like jello and feel restless all at the same time. I have been getting weekly B-12 injections for past 5 months, but still fatigued. It seems to be worse when i slow down, like on my days off work. I even went and had Thyroid blood test and everything was normal. But i have most all  symptoms of low thyroid. Results were..... Third Generation TSH- 1.430,    Free T3- 3.6,    Total T4- 7.90.      I have had a cold for the past 7 weeks and can NOT get over it. Could it be low IRON(but i dont have a period for almost 2 yrs bc of my birth control), low VITAMIN D, low VITAMIN B, low IODINE......???????   Any ideas? I have a $5,000 insurance  deductible, so i cant afford to go to doc. I did have someone to recommend my to have a hair analysis test. but i think they only check 20 vitamins and dont think it covers vitamin d or iodine. Would it be worth it to have that done?  Thank you so much for all of your time. I just feel hopeless and have a beautiful 21 mnt old daughted that i want to enjoy life with. Thanks again. Valerie
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Hi Valerie,

First I want to tell you that I understand your situation. Im a new mom of a month old baby girl. And I also experienced stress of a new mom with so many additional problems. I'm a nurse by profession and I engage in health and wellness industry. I think you have too much stress right now that your cells and body is already affected. You need potent antioxidant and surely you'll regain your energy immediately. I experienced severe fatigue too but by taking essentials and coquinone 30 I regain my energy back. This are the products that are also taken by patients that is bed ridden for almost 1month but after taking those supplements they can stand by their own in just 3days. This products are from usana health sciences, a US base company. If you want I can help you to buy those products, I bought a license to avail their products. I hope I can help!  
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Hey, I suffer from CFS, what vitamins or supplements have you taken to get energy back? or what do you recommend?
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