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STD or Sinuses?

After drinking, gave unprotected oral, protected sex. - Next day, soar throat, swollen glands. A few days later Ears clogged, Eyes slight sticky, swollen glands, fatigue, feels like mono. Going on a total 47 days. And while symptoms have improved, I’m not out of the woods.

4 weeks later tested
Negative-EBV - said not acute
Negative- Lime
Negative - Strep (twice)
Negative - Mono
Negative - gonorrhea
Negative- syphilis
Negative- HIV
Negative - Covid (3 times)
Not depressed

Dr. Thinks it’s a sinus infection, which I’m prone to get. He said ears and throat look good. No rashes, no pain in my privates or peeing. Appetite is good. Feels like mono or long Covid? Finished my Antibiotics, but my throat is still tender. It’s been a total of 47 days and I’m better, but not great.
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