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Severe fatigue messing with vision

Im a 30 yr old female. So for about the last month I have had, what I'd call severe fatigue. I will get at least 8 hours of sleep a night but yet I feel like i have NO strength to get up and move and I literally can not keep my eyes open. When I try to force my eyes open, I open them wide and I then start seeing, double vision I guess you could say. I feel like my eyes are crossing when I try to force my eyes open wide to stay awake. Someone will be in the middle of talking to me and my eyes are closing! It's so embarrassing. I'm afraid they think I'm rude. For instance, last night I went to bed at 10pm woke up at 630am. Went to work until 3pm, went straight home and took a nap from 330pm until 630pm and it's now 1030pm and after writing this, I'm going back to bed. This has become a routine thing for me now. I'm afraid it's going to affect my job. My boss will be speaking with me and my eyes are closing! I'm also afaid to drive because I'm doing the same thing driving. I found myself at a stop light and my eyes closing and foot coming off the brake. I've never been like this! Of course, I've used Google and looked up my symptoms. According to that, I have chronic fatigue syndrome or MS. I've had no family hx of MS. I do have lumbar stenosis, degenerative disc disease and arthritis around my spine and fighting insurance to approve a spine stimulator. My pain medication has not been changed in over a year so I don't believe it's that. Should I go to the doctor? FYI: I had routine blood work done 3 months ago and my thyroid levels, B12 levels and hemoglobin/iron levels were all good. I was not having these issues then, again it's only been the last month. Should I go back and gave my MD check again or will she think I'm crazy?!?!
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Hi Jackie.
I'm so sorry you;re going through all this.
You may be deficient in the very same things you were tested for.
Let me explain:
-B12 (cobalamin) could be fine or even high and you could have a functional deficiency in Methylocobalamin B12, the bioactive and only form used by the nervous system.
You need an MMA test for this.
-Hemoglobulin and iron levels are not enough to rule out
anemia. You need a complete iron panel & CBC and a thorough physical examination.
-Thyroid. You need Free T3, Free T4 and Reverse T3 tests to rule out Hypothyroidism type 1 and type 2.
All 3 tests are necessary!
-- Your body might be too acidic causing excessive calcium loss. Calcium is used by the body as a buffer when acid levels rise in the blood and it will take it from
joints, bones and teeth, if your calcium levels are low.
Usually this is caused from acidic diet (foods which cause acidity IN the body), stress, medications, low vitamin D, low vitamin K2 and other.

Have you had your Vitamin D and K2 tested?
If not, you should ask your doctor.
This is a good start.
I don't want to overwhelm you with too much information.
Please post any recent labs, with lab reference ranges including units of measure.
Hang in there. There's a lot that can be done to improve.

On your own:
You can try Essiac tea to boost your immune system.
Do a trial of methylocobalamin B12  (follow label instructions for dosing) preferably sublingual drops
and the same for vitamin D3 with K2 but you would need 5000 IU daily!
Optimize your diet as much as possible, but focus on
low carb (avoid wheat and gluten), choose alkaline foods, avoid coffee alcohol and packaged /junk/fast foods and stay well-hydrated all the time!

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Cyano or hydroxy b12 are split into two active forms of b12. Methylb12 is one the other is adenosylcobalamin. Methylb12 has nothing to do with mma. In fact you could take a ton of it and your mma wouldn't go down. That's because adenob12 is the cofactor used to reduce mma, not methylb12. Taking methylb12 exclusively if you have elevated mma is unwise.
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Go to a neurologist specializing in sleep medicine. Chronic fatigue syndrome isn't really a disease of excessive sleepiness. You sound excessively sleepy. Also, I would never bring up chronic fatigue syndrome to your doctor. It's generally considered psychosomatic by most physicians. It's also a disease of exclusion.
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