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How to deal with Bronchiectasis

I have bronchiectasis for 10 years. I according to doctors advice: claping the chest for cleaning the mucous 2-3 times one day, but it always spit blood mix the sputum per 2 month period. It is not too serious, but it can't not cured completely. I conform with doctors advice much better, but it is not obvious effectively. After 10 years, the condition is not change. Are there any method can cure this illness .( antibiotic tablet I have to take every spit blood time)
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Bronchiectasis can be "cured" surgically, when it is limited to a small portion of lung that can then be surgically removed.  But it is not quite that simple, for with the surgical removal of clearly diseased lung, the factors that allow bronchiectasis remain, such as:  
1) genetic predisposition;
2) physical weakness of the bronchi;
3) defects in the immune system, which guards against and prevents recurrent infection; or
4) undiagnosed chronic infection, for example infection with bacteria that are related to tuberculosis (TB) – nontuberculous mycobacterium (NTM).

One factor common to all of these is weakness of our defenses against infection.  We must identify the infection, especially if it is NTM, which requires suspicion of the diagnosis and special laboratory techniques.  In looking for treatable causes of bronchiectasis one should:  
• look for and treat infection;
• use mechanical methods to clear secretions, as you do; and
• be tested for immunodeficiency states, some of which are present at birth and others acquired only in adulthood.

The condition most frequently associated with bronchiectasis is cystic fibrosis (CF) and this diagnosis, although present at birth, is still too often not diagnosed until the 4th, 5th and even 6th decade of life.  And it is missed because many healthcare providers still look upon it as a childhood disease.

You state that, "after 10 years, the condition is not changed".  If that is true, you are fortunate that it has not progressed or worsened.

Show this message to your doctor or to a lung specialist.

Good luck.
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hi! i have been diagnosed w/ bronchiectasis following a severe chest infection, aspergillous and staph. i have also been diagnosed with pvcm and mild emphysema. from my understanding it is not a curable disease but can be managed. i have a slight problem because w/ the pvcm i am not able to take inhalers... makes for a interesting plight to say the least.
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