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Flovent Diskus 100mcg vs Advair 250/50

I was initially prescribed Anoro when diagnosed with emphysema. It did not work even after trying it a year. I was then given Advair Diskus 250/50, after 2 1/2 months called the doctor because of using emergency inhaler Albuterol Sulfate 90mgc min 10 times a day.
Albuterol created a vocal cord problem. Now been put on Flovent Diskus 100mgc and continue the Albuterol. Question, do the Flovent and Advair have the fluticasone propionate ingredient in common? Tonight will be my 1st use of the Flovent.
Concerned that I may have a mitral valve problem plus the emphysema. My symptoms of attack are severe shortness of breath, high heart rate, and the immediate need to urinate. Does anyone have anything similar to this? I have not been advised supplemental oxygen as of yet. Over the years I have been misdiagnosed numerous times and fear the scan of my lungs and the arterial ultrasound of my neck may not have addressed the problem. Any advice is appreciated.
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  We appreciate your thoughtful question.  You wrote this when beginning Flovent. How has it gone the past few nights?  You have important questions that we urge you to speak to your health care provider about. Every patient and situation is different.  I also am sensing your anxiety.  This is understandable.  This is something else to speak to your doctor about as a chronic health condition can be worrisome and naturally cause anxiety and before that begins impacting you more, it would be good to talk it through with your doctor and work on coping strategies.

Both of the medications have fluticasone proprionate.  Flovent is a corticosteroid used to reduce inflammation in the airways to help control asthma. Advair is a combination of the same corticosteroid in Flovent (fluticasone) and a bronchodilator called salmeterol. Bronchodilators relax the muscles around the airways to relieve asthma symptoms like wheezing and coughing. So, Flovent is the steroid fluticasone. Advair is a combination salmeterol/fluticasone.

Let us know how you are doing and what your doctor is telling you.

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