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Burning in My Ribs from the right side of spin wrapping around my torsel

I have pulmonary Fibrosis in the late stage, I am not on O2 yet. I a am Imuran and 8 other meds to help stop/control the progression. recently I have this burning sensation from just right of my spine that wraps around my right side of my torsel. The burning is area is about as best I can desribe is about 6-8 inches in height if that make since as it wraps around to the from of my ribs. any idea's ???
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To be honest, I don't have an answer to your question. I so wish I did.

I have COPD. But, your lung disease pulmonary fibrosis, is a lung disease that is very close to my heart. My mother was diagnosed in 2004 with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. She too took Imuran and numerous other meds for the IPF. I just felt compelled to write this to you.

Hopefully someone else will respond to your question. My advice would be talk to your doctor about this burning sensation. I rather understand the burning sensation you are talking about. I have experienced a burning type sensation a number of times with my COPD. And that is how I always described it...a burning sensation. To this day, I still do not know what causes it. I just chalk it up, to having bad lungs. But, you definitely should speak to your doctor about this concern.

Very sorry I didn't have a better answer for you. I am wishing you the absolute very best.
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Good Morning My Sister,
I think your advice is spot on about calling Doc with this, I did manage to call the Pharmacy and speak to them..same advice as you gave. :) Time got away from me yesterday before I could call.I am so sorry to hear abot your Mom, I belong to a wonderful support group via Face Book..it is the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation...simply wonderful people from there. I am so thankful you replied...there is always a reason we do things such as this..It is always Through GODS LOVE.

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Awww David, thank you so for your kind words.

I love Facebook and may just venture onto the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation. COPD is a cause close to my heart as well. Me and my only sibling a brother have it. But well, somehow pulmonary fibrosis has even a more special spot in my heart. Little is known about pulmonary fibrosis. But, this lung disease is gaining fast attention nationally. And I am thrilled about that. There is also the Coalition for Pulmonary Fibrosis. I am a member. You may want to check them out as well. The Coalition has been trying for several yrs. to get legislation passed, for more research money into pulmonary fibrosis. They ask members to write their senators in their states, in hopes to get this legislation passed. And I have done so each time I have been asked. But, still so far, the legislation has not been passed. Truly upsets me.

Then, on the Today Show they aired a segment on a man with pulmonary fibrosis. First time ever, that this lung disease made national attention that way. Once again, I was so happy. Also, there is a new drug pending with the FDA to treat pulmonary fibrosis. And this drug is proving to work for patients. The Coalition and patients with pulmonary fibrosis had a hearing with the FDA in Washington recently. Trying to get this drug on the market. I am praying with all my might that this drug is released to help pulmonary fibrosis patients. I think I know more about IPF, then I do my own lung disease COPD.

It is too late to help my dear Momma. She passed away in Aug. 07. But, I want you to know she did not die from the pulmonary fibrosis. She died 4 mths. after receiving a lung transplant. I am forever thankful to the sweet soul, that donated this lung to my Momma. That person is most definitely an angel in Heaven in my opinion for such a gift. Many lung transplants are successful. But, I vowed to myself, to make IPF, a cause that I would help fight for. It also can be hereditary as well. So, I do what I can for all the precious people battling IPF. And I am doing it for my children and grandbabies as well.

My advice would still be call your doctor. I am truly praying for you. And please when you can, keep me updated on your progress. I loved your quote....there is always a reason we do things such as this...It is always Through GODS LOVE. Beautiful and so very true. Much luck, my friend.
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