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Inhaled cinnamon powder

Okay so let me start off by saying that I've had two bouts of the cold between now and mid May.
Eight weeks ago, I was doing some baking and by mistake inhaled some cinnamon powder through my mouth. I coughed for at least a few minutes. I didn't cough anymore after that. I felt a strain like chest pain on my right side though. It kept on reoccurring and my throat was burning. I wasn't coughing. Anyway later that week I saw a doctor and she found no problems with my chest. I can feel the pain in my back sometimes and it sometimes hurts to breathe or laugh etc. I have been now and then giving it a shot at trying to cough some of the cinnamon up. Nothing. It feels like some ribs are swollen on my right side too. Anyway. I don't have a cough, and I'm not wheezing. I'm just concerned that the barking like noise when I'm coughing is due to the cinnamon lodged in my airway. My voice is affected too. It will leave a metallic taste in my mouth. Is this long term damage from cinnamon? It says everywhere it causes lung inflammation and scarring which is fatal which I'm afraid is happening to me. Like I said, I don't have a cough. It's just when I cough I make that noise and it leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. Is this likely to be the cinnamon powder lodged or the previous bouts of the cold?
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