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AST/ALT ratio

Hello I had blood tests done AST was 19 and ALT was 9 i heard if it's inverted like this it can point to cirrhosis or alcoholic liver disease. All other labs looked normal and ultrasound said normal. Anyone know about the ratio? Thanks
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Your tests are in normal range so the ratio discussion is not applicable. That only is a consideration if your results are abnormal. Of course your best source of information to explain and interpret your test results is your doctor who ordered these tests.

Is there a reason you suspect liver problems? Why did your doctor order these tests?
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I drank for a year and a half everyday. Nausea liver pain and now for / days very pale stool
The liver doesn’t really feel pain unless it is vary enlarged the the liver pushes against the tissue capsule the liver is inside of. The liver itself has no pain receptor nerves but that capsule does.

I’ve had cirrhosis for 13 years and no liver pain
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