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About fibroscan result

I recently had a fibroscan with a median of 7.4kpa IQR 0.3.  CAP Median :178 IQR:49
The cause of liver disease is unknown according to my doctors as I have been tested negative for Hbsag.
All my blood test are normal including LFT CBC and even ultrasound...Is there any thing I can do to help my liver?Any advice will be appreciated
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FibroScan® results range from 2.5 kPa to 75 kPa. Between 90–95% of healthy people without liver disease will have a liver scarring measurement <7.0 kPa (median is 5.3 kPa)

A score of 7.4 kPa is not really considered liver disease being only minimally above average normal. At most very mild fibrosis of F1 with F4 being cirrhosis which would require a Fibroscan score between 14 to 19 depending on the cause.

To be kind to your liver one thing you can do is eat healthy and get exercise as your doctor allows.  The heart smart diet is also a liver smart diet. A common cause of liver injury is being overweight which causes a build up of fat cells in the liver. If you are overweight the best thing you could do for your liver would be to lose a little weight to get back to a normal healthy weight.

Other then that don’t drink alcohol to excess and avoid taking large dosages of medicines like Tylenol which in high dosages for long periods of time can cause liver damage.

This is all my opinion as lay person. I am simply a patient who had hepatitis c for 37 years and was diagnosed with cirrhosis 11 years ago. My fibrosis score is 33. I have no medical training and do not work in the medical field in any capacity.

My best suggestion is to consult with your doctor and follow their advice they are the experts.
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