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Anyone still have liver pain with chronic liver disease/cirrhosis?

Hello I have some questions about cirrhosis. I was diagnosed when I was 28. I am now 35. I have severe intermittent right upper quadrant pain and have had many tests to try and figure out what it is. The gallbladder HIDA scan only shows gallbladder wall thickening. All other ultrasounds and MRIs show that my liver is very scarred but not enlarged or fatty anymore. Liver function lab tests are normal now. Does anyone else have chronic liver pain in Cirrhosis? Is the pain contact or intermittent? They can't figure out where my pain is coming from and it really gets in the way of life. My last MRI was about 5 years ago. My gallbladder HIDA scan was 2 months ago. They don't see anything extremely abnormal on ultrasound either. Anybody out there who can help or relate?
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Thank you!
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I am sorry you are experiencing continuing pain and no one can figure out the cause. I have been in the same position and know that not-knowing can be worse than getting even a bad diagnosis. At least you know what you are fighting once your have a diagnosis.

As you probably know gallbladder issues are the most common cause of right upper quadrant pain. Pain from cirrhosis itself is uncommon especially if ultrasound and MRI can see no anatomical abnormalities and your liver related blood levels are normal.  

Since you seem to have run into a dead end, I would suggest getting others to look at your case with fresh eyes. Another hepatologist at a liver transplant center for a second opinion. Should they rule at liver disease and any related issues, they can refer you to other specialties if they suspect your pain is related to something other than liver related issues. Liver transplant can call in whoever they need to to address your symptoms.

I myself have had numerous debilitating symptoms for the last two years since my transplant. It has taken 2 years and numerous hospitalizations to finally determine that a have developed a very rare transplant complication.
I now begin 2016 with new medical challenges ahead for me.

So never give up. It may take time but sooner or later someone who is interested in your case will find the underlying cause of your symptoms.

Hang in there.
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