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My mother was diagnosed with advanced cirrhosis of the liver about 2 months ago.  Since the diagnosis has had Ascetis drained a few times, had an ulcer burst and be repaired.  They do not feel they are able to do an exploratory scope because of the ulcer, but she is in significant pain most of the time.  Is this common?  Can anyone tell us what might be causing it?  We are learning more and more everyday but we just don't know what to expect.... What would be "normal" at this stage?  She does get confusion frequently, the dr has prescribed Lactulose which seems to be common in the comments here.  We believe and hope she has stopped drinking, but hers was originally caused by alcohol abuse.  Any suggestions etc would be really helpful
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What exactly what is your mothers pain caused by…fluid, jaundice…what .?
There are many possible sources of pain if a person has advanced cirrhosis.

The fluid problems are also caused by liver failure. It is called ascites (in Th abdomen) and peripheral edema (else where on the body).

Confusion is caused by Hepatic Ecephalopathy (HE). Toxins from food digestions are not being filtered properly from her blood causing mental issues.  With proper dosing 3-4 bowel movements per day most people can manage their HE. Many people are not compliant with lactulose because it tastes so bad. She must take it a few times per day as her doctor ordered to be effective. And of course a diet without salt and red meat and cirrhotics are usually given two diuretics which helps manage symptoms.

Like so many other many illnesses it is up to the patient and doctor (hepatologist-liver specialist) to manage symptoms as long and best as possible.

If she is still continuing to drink drinking all the treatment in the world won’t work and her liver will continue to fail more and more over time. Hopefully she is abstaining from alcohol and wants to live. Even alcoholics can get liver transplants if they show they are serious about changing their ways. Only a liver transplant can’t allow a person to continue to live once the liver disease has gone the point of no return.

In the end only the patient can save themselves. I hope she decided to change her drinking for everyone’s stake.

Good luck to you and your mom.
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