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End stage liver disease

My dad was diagnosed with cirrhosis 9-10 months ago. He had 10%liver function and all kind of complications. He was treated and was discharged but carried on drinking and eating poorly.

Three weeks ago he fell and ended up with multiple bleeds to the brain and a blood clot. These have now stopped bleeding and started to repair already, however his memory and communication was still very bad he couldn't even talk it was a bit like a stroke.

He had his acites drained and it was full of blood, doctors think it was some kind of internal bleeding. Which we believe have now stopped.

On Monday he had another drain and was discharged from the ward he was on and sent to the liver ward for care. Two days later his tummy was full again, he was still very lethargic and confused. When they went to drain their was poo in the acites. They thought it was a tear in bowel but all CT came back ok.

We felt that the end was near he can't walk due to lack of muscle, in constant pain and lethargic all the time, then today we walk in to visit and he is talking clearly, a bit aggressive but was not that confused.

I'm on the other hand am very confused! Is it possible to make a recovery in so little time?
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The symptoms which are complications of his cirrhosis that you are talking about which is called "hepatic encephalpathy", not the cirrhosis itself which occurred over many decades of drinking. HE can usually easily be treated with diet and lactulose. This process helps to clear the toxins from digested foods from his blood and brain Once the toxins are removed from the blood and brain it would be expected that his thinking would turn to normal.

The point here is to note is that without proper management of his cirrhosis and its complications, he can very easily experience all of these symptoms ("very lethargic and confused" "his memory and communication was still very bad") and newer and more deadly ones at any time.  Mental affects are only one of many serious affects that is the results of advanced cirrhosis.

So to answer your question ..."I'm on the other hand am very confused! Is it possible to make a recovery in so little time? "

Recovery from one complication of their cirrhosis? It happens everyday day. People with cirrhosis diagnosed with HE use lactulose and diet to one way to manage their cirrhosis. And there are many other drugs and treatment that can help to manage cirrhosis but for someone with alcoholic liver disease who continues to drink I'm afraid it is only a matter of time before his complications are fatal.

Best of luck to you and your family.
Thank you.
"Recovery from one complication of their cirrhosis?"
I should have said that complications of cirrhosis can be MANAGED and are often managed for months or years until a person's liver failure becomes untreatable and fatal. Most people die from the cirrhosis complications which become untreatable.

For example may have uncontrolled bleeding which is can be a complication of cirrhosis. Others may go into a coma which they can't recover from. Others may contract a fatal infection due to having a compromised immune system because of cirrhosis.

So for those awaiting liver transplant the doctor will often prescribe drugs and lifestyle changes to lower the risk of their cirrhotic patients from encountering the many risks that are associated with having cirrhosis of the liver.

Take care.
Thank you.
Very true, I've had end stage cirrhosis, but managing pretty well through diet, diuretics, etc. even though I've been banded and have bouts of HE, I'm pretty strong otherwise. Hang in there.
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