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Help please !

I have nowhere to turn, maybe someone who experienced this can help with an advice.
I had hepatitis b for the past 5 years.
Male/ 29 yo
High hbvdna (millions)
Hbeag positive
Fibroscan f2 8.8 kPa
I started interferon 3 weeks ago, my doctor didn’t check my alt before, which was 500
3 weeks later my alt is 1000, which may very well be acute liver failure or fulminant hepatitis.
Is there anything else you can do at this stage, or just wait and see how long you have left ?
Biw they asked me to hospital first thing tomorrow but I don’t trust them anymore...
i did my blood tests at a private lab, and that’s how i found out. They were goong to test me after one more week.
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Do you has ve  chronic active hep B or did you build up antibodies to the initial infection.  If it's chronic active hep B it is not good and you need to see a liver specialist.  High liver enzymes are never good and indicates something is wrong and you will feel unwell.  Are you drinking?  
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Thank you for your answers!
I am aware how hbv and hcv works... My main concern is that my liver enzymes are extremely high and doctor does nothing. I’m not even sure if i should continue or ask for nucs instead...
The fact that i started Peginterferon with alt : 500, says it that it was wrong from the beginning, since all guidelines limit it at <10 ULN...
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You should discuss your concerns with your doctor
I am :)  Seems like the doctor is ok with my extreme results, he only called me next week for my next shot probably . Extremely sick today, can’t even get out of bed, I don’t think I’m going to be able to handle this if it will happen often
Call your doctor
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Your fibroscan is not accurate on high ALT.

My brother did interferon but I don't remember having so hight ALT.

Only bad things were the hemoleucogram changes (low numbers or high on different things like leucocites, trombocytes, etc). He wasn't cured... But got low hbv dna. Now he is on nucs as me...
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Thank you,
I am hoping someone from here dealt with something similar..
It’s extremely serios, i will go from f2 to f4 in a month with my current situation ...
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It took me 10 years to go from F2 on a liver biopsy to F4 on a liver biopsy. I had hep c for 37 years. I was diagnosed with cirrhosis after being infected for 30 years.

I was diagnosed with cirrhosis in January 2008
Elevated liver enzymes to not correlate with amount of liver damage only that something is bothering  your liver
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You don’t have cirrhosis your fibrosis score is F2

Cirrhosis is a score of F4 the which is the highest possible score

I suggest you ask in the hepatitis B community
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I asked the nurse today if i should wait before taking my third shot, she said, no.... . She also told me to take 2 paracetamols every 6 hours, which i refused, even if she insisted, don’t have to say that i would’ve probably be already dead if I would’ve taken so many...
I’m eating really healthy, not overweight, not a previous drinker or smoker. My only fear of starting treatment until now, was exactly because of this situation... ironically
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