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Revesal in early stages?

I am sorry to ask this question in the forum.Is it possible to reverse cirrhosis in early stages?I have heard a lot,If someone is going to stop the offending agents that caused liver damage we can reverse fibrosis and even cirrhosis .I know its difficult to reverse decompensated stages ,but someone with stage 1 compensated without portal hypertension is it possible to reverse .I know its better to ask a hepatologist than to discuss in this forum
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If you are referring to F1 fibrosis this is not cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is defined as F4 scarring. Cirrhosis is further defined as compensated  or decompensated.

For those with F4 scarring (Cirrhosis) there is about a 50% chance of reduction of scarring. This would depend on severity of liver disease and duration of being F4 before taking action to prevent further liver damage like curing hep c, stopping excessive alcohol consumption or improving their health to lose weight and thus treat their fatty liver disease.

However,  if the cause was hep c infectionper the AASLD (American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases)  The recommendation for those who at treatment were F3 fibrosis or F4 cirrhosis they will still need likely lifetime follow up with their hepatologist to monitor for early signs of liver cancer. This is because even though their liver disease should not worsen after cure of hep c assuming they have no other complicating risks like NAFLD people with fibrosis scores of F3 and F4 while their risk of HCC is reduced they will still be at a higher risk of HCC than those with lower fibrosis scores.

As an example per the AASLD patients cured of hep c with fibrosis scores of F2 or lower do not require any any adfitional follow up  post treatment and can expect improvement of their liver with time.
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Cirrhosis is a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. In contrast with the traditional view that cirrhosis is irreversible, clinical and experimental studies suggest that the removal of the causative agent can lead to reversibility of early stages of cirrhosis. Patients with advanced fibrosis or cirrhosis may also benefit from targeted therapies that favor fibrosis resolution and restoration of a normal liver architecture
Yes for those less advanced there is evidence for about 50% may experience reversal of some degree of scarring. For myself even though I was cured of hep c almost 4 years ago  i’ve had no evidence of reversal of cirrhosis.  My platelet count did improve by about 10 points but still remains well below normal at 110 with 150 being minimum normal.  Of course I’ve had liver cirrhosis for 11 years at this point. I had had liver cirrhosis for seven years before I was cured and I was already developing symptoms like esophageal varices  due to increasing portal hypertension.

But as I understand it you’re a doctor does not believe you have liver disease.
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From healthline

“What are the stages of liver fibrosis?

There are several different scales of liver fibrosis staging, where a doctor determines the degree of liver damage. Since staging can be subjective, each scale has its own limitations. One doctor may think a liver is slightly more scarred than another. However, doctors will usually assign a stage to liver fibrosis because it helps the patient and other doctors understand the degree to which a person’s liver is affected.

One of the more popular scoring systems is the METAVIR scoring system. This system assigns a score for “activity” or the prediction of how fibrosis is progressing, and for the fibrosis level itself. Doctors can usually assign this score only after taking a biopsy or tissue sample of a piece of the liver. The activity grades range from A0 to A3:

A0: no activity
A1: mild activity
A2: moderate activity
A3: severe activity
The fibrosis stages range from F0 to F4:

F0: no fibrosis
F1: portal fibrosis without septa
F2: portal fibrosis with few septa
F3: numerous septa without cirrhosis
F4: cirrhosis”
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Have you had a liver biopsy, Fibroscan, or fibrosure test?

What was your fibrosis score?
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Which one is best for exact dignosis?Should I go for a fibroscan?Is it accurate?I have not undergone any of the test
Didn’t your doctor already say you don’t have liver damage?
I am getting so much symptomes now.What I saw in British Liver trust about early stages of cirrhosis .Early cirrhosis is so much asymptotic .I am not able to sleep at night .sleep disturbance is  becoming worse now.Not able to sleep for past 2 days.I know there can be many cause of this .but other symptomes are also there  
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Well formerly the liver biopsy was considered the gold standard. It involves going to a hospital and undergoing conscious sedation while a large needle while maybe also guided by ultrasound is inserted into the right side either between the ribs or from the stomach area into the liver to remove a sample of liver. After you will have to lie quietly for a couple of hours to be sure there is no internal bleeding after which you will need a ride home and remain quiet for the rest of the day with no heavy lifting for a couple of days. The liver biopsy is subject to sampling error depending on where the piece of liver tissue is removed from.

The new Fibroscan is replacing the liver biopsy in many practices. It is more accurate in the more (F4) or less (F1) ranges of liver damage and less accurate in mid ranges of damage. The Fibroscan is usually found at more advanced liver speciality centers and not at a regular doctor’s office. My hepatologist at the University of Washington Seattle Liver center has a Fibroscan machine. The test can be done in office with no down time. It is similar to an ultrasound except the device produces a sort of thump that allows the device to estimate liver stiffness. The result is a number which is compared to a scale and depending on the cause of liver damage can estimate fibrosis score.

The fibrosure test is a blood test that can also estimate fibrosis score. Similar errors to the Fibroscan exist  in that the test is also less accurate for mid range levels of damage.

Basically, all three are good tests but all have their own limitations as far as accuracy and differing levels of invasiveness and risk for the patient.

But for any of these tests you would need to have a doctor to request the test. A liver biopsy is an invasive medical procedure and would cost your insurance several thousand dollars.

From your previous posts if I recall correctly your doctor feels your liver is fine based on your lab tests and physical examination and would not tecommend liver damage testing.

I recall you saying your doctor did say you have ulcers caused by Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) bacteria and recommended a course of antibiotics and acid reducing meds this being the standard protocol for this condition.

Have you done that treatment and how is your ulcer doing now?
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I had been tested negative for H pylori.Doctors told erosive gastritis .My paid has been subsided RUQ pain .But now going in worst phase of  insomnia
Ok well since you had a bleeding ulcer you should still follow your doctors recommendations about how to treat your ulcer.
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