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Someone please give me advice...

So I had looked up all of these symptoms I had been having, mostly questioning my physical state... and... well... its possibly cirrhosis.... All of these fevers, being so weak and exhausted, bloating without weight change, loss of appetite, poor immunity, my nose bleeds, random lapses in brain function.... they're all parts of cirrhosis... I don't know what to do... I'm terrified... I should have known when he said that there was slight build up that could pass by losing a few pounds (the past year I've lost 60 pounds) so I figured I was fine, but... god... what do I do now? My next doctor appointment isn't until June, and I currently have no specialist... I'm in transit between my pediatric and a new one. I'm so scared.. What do I do? Emergency appointment with the specialist I'm going to have? Or wait? Or.. I don't know
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"only gi specialists in Washington. I'm trying to contact them, and I honestly don't know that much... "
Yes, hepatologist are located at liver transplant centers that is why I gave you the number for a near by transplant center. While a gastro might be able to figure out how advanced your liver disease is you must go to the nearest transplant center as only they have the expertise to deal with liver disease with a history of Biliary Atresia. Biliary Atresia is a very rare condition as you know and only the best doctors will be knowledgeable enough to provide the care you need.

I think it is good for you to get any information you can about your medical history. That my prove helpful. But remember that a most of your medical history can be determine by a thorough medical workout the the transplant center ca perform.

By the way because it is a transplant center doesn't mean everyone treated there will need a transplant. But this is where the most knowledge doctors on liver disease work.

It is important for you to get a complete evaluation of your health and liver disease soon to prevent further suffering. ONLY a liver transplant center can do that. You should get an appointment soon as it can take some time to be seen at many busy transplant centers. Mikesimon may know more about the particulars as he had his liver transplant at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center I believe.

Take care.
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* only gi specialists in Washington. I'm trying to contact them, and I honestly don't know that much... My family history is kinda... Hard. I  adopted. And am just now being acclaimed withy birth family. I'm going to try to get the number later today after work.
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Yes. I do have Biliary Atresia. Post kasai, which is why I think that it's scarring. My physical health has been depleting since January. I am trying to seek help. But there are
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If you believe you have cirrhosis of the liver or you have had liver disease earlier in your life you should be a gastroenterologist (specializes in the entire digestive system) or better yet a hepatologist (liver specialist).

You asked about biliary atresia in your last post. It is a very rare disease in infants. One out of every 18,000 infants. Did you have biliary atresia?
As I said before it is common for people who have had this condition to develop cirrhosis later in life.

"All of these fevers, being so weak and exhausted, bloating without weight change, loss of appetite, poor immunity, my nose bleeds, random lapses in brain function.."

Fevers are cause by infection by the way.

Yes, these can be some of the symptoms of advanced cirrhosis but they common be symptoms of many other illnesses as well.
Although people the have bloating due to fluid retention do have weight gain sometimes they can gain many pound in only a week as the weight gain is caused by fluid which weights 2.2 lbs for every liter of fluid.

More information your medical history would be helpful as cirrhosis is extremely rare in 18 year olds except some who have hereditary liver disease.

Get an appointment to see a doctor (a gastroenterologist or hepatologist) soon if you have a history of liver disease. You don't have to wait until June. Tell then the problems you are having.

The best doctors near you are at...
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Digestive Disorders Center
UPMC Presbyterian, Third Floor
200 Lothrop St.
Pittsburgh, PA  15213-2582
1-866-4GASTRO (442-7876)

Best of luck!
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