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Stage 2 fibrosis of the liver

Hi Everyone
This is my first time on this site. It looks great and informative.Just wanted to find out if anyone out there has been diagnosed with fibrosis of the liver..and how the outcome has been for them.
Also was diagnosed with Hep c 20 years ago and went on the intreferon than had to go on the pegatron and riblivin  twice 14 years ago because the Hep c reappeared. My Dr told me that I could not do the pegatron because 3 times is the limit. Has anyone else heard of this? And if it is true and my Hep c has come out of remission is there any other meds I can take to stop the on going damage to my liver
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So sorry for all of your troubles and I agree that animals are the Best! They know when you are not feeling well and they are so important for support (I Love my coonhound!)

I still think it would be nice for you to have some people to hang out with. Perhaps you can find a few people who want to go with you and your girl to the beach or a nice, easy walk at a dog park?

I bet your pooch wouldn't mind seeing some new faces and making new friends

Be well!
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I am now on my 21st day of treatment with the Merck C-Edge trial. One pill a day and ribavirin free. Phase III trial. So far no side effects except extreme fatigue which I already was experiencing. I would love to be able to feel energized again. I have been so fatigued for so long.
I have no support system anymore as I once had. Both parents were medical professionals and my close friends and they have recently both passed away in the same year which was a huge blow to me.
If it were not for my beautiful companion animal I don't know how much worse I would feel because I love her so much that she is the only thing in my life which gives me the will to forge ahead and get on with the various little things in life we all have to tackle. I never understood the bond that people would have for their pets but now I get it. I got my long haired German Shepherd when looking for a companion animal for my mother who was grieving over loss of my father. I thought it would be a good idea for her to have the companionship of a service animal and since she was alone in the house in the country,  give her company. We always had German Shepherds in the family growing up and my mother was partial to the breed, as well as myself.
While visiting the breeder I fell in love with the female puppy, sister to the male my mother was going to get after training.
In the end, my mother never got her dog, she passed away from cancer soon after my father passed and I got the female. Then I had a horrific car accident and broke my femur, was misdiagnosed by hospital and almost lost my leg. All this happened while my dog was still at the breeder taking her 4 months of training.  I had to stop her training and bring her home as I was laid up after complicated surgery and unable to ambulate fully for over a year. This is when my dog became my service animal.
Meanwhile, my marriage fell apart, I moved out of marital home and my ex husband went all to hell. He ended up passing away this year.
My service animal keeps me going when I don't want to go anymore. I love her so much, I have no one in my life anymore. She gets me up and out because I want her to have a good life so it is a win-win situation.
Just thought I would post a thought about the benefits of having a companion service animal for all people not feeling well.
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Thanks for the info....I will speak with my Dr. about these new trials

Your in health
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Hi. I am brand new to this forum. I just read your post. I was diagnosed in 1999 with hep c 1a. Tried a Peg-Intron and ribavirin in 2001 but only 2 weeks then stopped because of horrible side effects.
I am one week into a Merck Phase III clinical trial. 12 weeks of one pill a day. The cure rates are outstanding and no side effects. This new Merck combination is better than Gilead's Sovaldi and Olysios in my humble opinion after talking to a few friends on the Sovaldi and Olysios. The doctor in charge of all the clinical trials monitors all patients and told me that this Merck clinical trial hep C drug seems to be better in the side effect dept. (none) than the Sovaldo/Olysios combo.
I am a native New Yorker but have lived eight years in the south in a small town where the healthcare is really poor. I actually sold my house there that I owned w/o a mortgage in a very depressed market for 1/4 value in order to access state-of-the-art healthcare. However, when I moved back to the NY tri-state area the infectious disease practice I used to go to had gone downhill since I left it. I then decided to move out California where I found an awesome doctor and am receiving great healthcare.
My advice to you is to get on these new hep c miracle drugs as soon as possible. the longer you wait the more harm to your liver. See a heptologist and ask if you can get on a clinical trial. I don't know your insurance coverage but a clinical trial the sponsor would pay for the drug. When these new miracle drugs do hit the market in competition who knows how much the deductable will be as they are ultra-expensive. I know that the drug I am on right now costs $1,000 a day.
Look into it and feel better!
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This is a very good forum that you have come to.There are a lot of people on here with varies of levels with their Liver and I am positive they will be along soon.My opinion in your case is stage 2 is very lucky for you considering the time that has gone by for being dx 20yrs ago with Hep C.I am at they say 5of 6 fibrosis but I see where there is only high of stage 4 and stage 4 is Cirrhosis.There are so many new drugs out there these days for treatment of HepC and they have been curing people.I have been cured since Sept 2012.Are you seeing a Hepatologist? If I was you I would be looking for a clinical trial out there,Im sure there are a lot of people in this forum that can tell you which ones they are on and how they are going.Try asking questions on the Hep C forum,that is where you need to be to find all the info you are looking for. Good Luck to you
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