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What can I take to feel better

I have stage 4 liver cirrhosis,also have pbc, my cirrhosis ic decompensated
I have edema and ascites, itchy,abdominal pain,fatigue,always tired,nauseous and in general not feeling good
I have a hepatologist, she’s not doing much for me
Hoping someone out there has some good advise for me
I am a female,age 70
Please respond
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Hi sorry to hear you are having a difficult time with your liver disease.

Liver cirrhosis is mainly symptom management unfortunately the only real treatment for advanced liver disease and eventual liver failure is a liver transplant.

For your edema are you limiting salt intake and taking a diuretic?

Itching is usually cased by elevated bilirubin levels. I’ve heard maybe oatmeal baths and using oatmeal based soaps may help with itching,

Do you have any idea what your MELD (model for end stage liver disease) score is? The MELD score is used to rank patients for transplant prioritization based on a few lab test scores.

Do you have pronounced ascities where your belly is swollen and have you needed to be drained?

Have you had any episodes of hepatic encephalopathy? Are you taking lactulose as a treatment for hepatic encephalopathy?

Have you been evaluated with an upper endoscopy for esophageal varicies?

Are you under the care of a hepatologist associated with a liver transplant center? Even if you are not eligible or don’t want a liver transplant a doctor who is at a liver transplant center is better able to support a patient with advanced liver disease with symptom management.

My best suggestion is if your not satisfied with the level of care you are receiving change doctors if that is an option open to you.

I also have liver cirrhosis going on 13 years now. Mine was caused by being infected with hepatitis c for probably 37 years. While my hep c is now 6 years cured I still have liver cirrhosis. But mine is fairly stable as long as I take care of myself.

Best of luck to you.
What stage is your liver cirrhosis ?
There are only two stages of liver cirrhosis compensated where your damaged liver is able to function well enough to perform it’s important jobs, or decompensated where the liver has become damaged to the point where it cannot perform its jobs and symptoms of liver disease begin to develop. Symptoms like low platelet counts, the development of ascites, esophageal varicies or hepatic encephalopathy.

I guess since I had varicies back in 2012 and have a low platelet count I’m slightly decompensated.
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I also have stage 4 cirrhosis. Seen 3 hepatologists & feel terrible most days, I feel your pain & wish I knew answers. Only know weight loss & diet is very important
It depends on the cause of your cirrhosis. Weight loss is important if your overweight but if your weight is in normal range just trying to have a health diet and avoiding sodium
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