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early signs?

My roommate is an alcoholic.  He drinks just about every night.  The least amount being six to seven drinks a day.  The weekends are big binges....going through at the least 48 16oz beers.

I have noticed somethings and wonder if his health might be in danger. (obviously the drinking is already at a dangerous level)
He personality has changed....he seems to not care about things that were important to him before.
He has major mood swings....even when not drinking a  lot.
He can not sleep at night, and complains of having night sweats.
When he has time off work...he sleeps all day.
His eyes have a yellow tinge after drinking...but it goes away.
He compliains of being hungry but then can not eat alot.  This varies, sometimes he eats...sometimes not.

The most recent has been memory loss...confusion like.  We have conversations and he asks questions about thing he previous knew.  Or forgets things we talked about before.
And there has been a pugent smell of ammonia in the house.  And it is gone when he leaves.  This just started after the past weekends binge.

For example...last night he came home early wanting something he had already eaten over the weekend.  He told me several times before he had eaten it.  But last night...it was as if he forgot and was looking for it again.  He calmed down and went about his night...falling asleep in a chair after eating something else.  The ammonia smell was present faintly last night....but nothing this morning.

He will not see a doctor as he has no insurance.  I worry it is going to take a major event that entails emergency hospital admission to get him to a doctor.

Are these signs of liver problems??
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they most certainly are!  the yellow eyes are of great concern!  basically this is a medical emergency, he needs a doctor ASAP.  it sounds very much like Alcoholic Hepatitis at least, it could also be Cirrhosis.

If he stops drinking right away he could have a fit, he needs a supervised detox.

He must act to save his own life, its a very horrible death for many.

every drink damages his organs further, he could also go into an acute phase of Alcoholic Hepatitis and be dead in a couple of days or weeks.  

Im praying that's its not at Cirrhosis yet, if he gets help now he may make a full recovery.

You are obviously worried too, act now and get him to the hospital.
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So sorry to read this. Here's another community that may be some support as well:

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Thank you for your help.

I know these are bad signs.  I guess part of me was hoping i was over reacting and making a big deal out of nothing.

I can not convince him that his health is in danger.  Believe me....I have tried.  I think things are at a dire level now and I worry about him every day.  

He is such and active healthy guy.  He has a demanding job he goes to every day,and he plays a lot of sports.  I think he only continues to play those sports because he can drink while doing it.

I guess his physical activity level, and what not made me think he couldn't possibly be in that great of danger.  But the more I read, I see when the signs are showing...it is usually too late.

I will keep nagging, and praying....maybe he will listen.

Thank you again for kicking me in to reality.
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your right by the time there are signs its a race against time to look after the old Liver.

He may have some alcoholic hepatitis, which he could reverse.  he is going to die horribly and sooner than he thinks if he doesn't sort his problem out.

how old is he and how long has he been drinking like this?
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he is only 36 and has been drinking this heavily for about ten years.

It just keeps getting worse.

It's hard to talk to him because it is just pointless when he is drinking...and I don't see him sober much.
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He was complaining about a right rib pain.  He did have some trauma and it could be that...but it seems like it is radiating....
and he is always having hip, back pain...saying he pulled a muscle...I just think it is more that that....of course he doesn't believe that.

also, sorry to be blunt...but it seems like he is like hyper sexual...if that is a thing...like that is ALL that matters....he didn't use to be like that...it is a huge personality change I think.  I always chalked it up to being a drunk...
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Those are symptoms of liver disease.
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