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Do I have hantavirus?

I recently had a single mouse get into my house from an exposed hole in our bathroom (because our sink broke). It got in from there, and I found it glued to a trap in my room a day after we set traps for it. It managed to loosen out of it and went back through the hole it came from, after which we made sure to shut it tightly in the meantime until we can do something about the sink.

I got rid of all the junk that was in the corner that he originally got trapped in, and swept my room in case there would be droppings from it anywhere. I did find a ton of little dark things, but we do get cockroaches often over here, and it might've just been from them, as the mouse didn't last long in here.

Anyway, I never had contact with him or any type of dropping, but I've looked up information online about it to be sure, and I can apparently get the virus anyway by inhaling the particles that mix up with the dust all over. I've been having a runny nose since Friday (the 5th) along with a little bit of flegm here and there, but not THAT much. Today my nose has been even runnier, and I've been coughing sometimes too. Not only that but after a while I started feeling like my neck's sides (on the inside) clogged up or something, though it doesn't hurt at all if I turn my neck.

Is this a sign for having the virus, or am I just having generic, unrelated symptoms? To this day I haven't felt a headache, had a fever or even warm feeling, chills, diarrhea or pain in any part of my body's muscles. I've honestly been paranoid since I like to inform myself and I'm just worried I'll end up feeling the fatal side of this virus, but I still want to know if what I've been feeling so far is related to it in any way. Either way, I plan on going to the hospital tomorrow to make sure. Also, if it helps any, I live in Puerto Rico, and since I never really saw the mouse, I'm not sure if it was a deer mouse or a house mouse, it's the first time I've ever experienced having to take care of one of them intruding in my house.
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You are correct in that "Rodents" may carry the virus, especially deer mice. But, I think you should stay home and save your money. The odds that you actually did become infected with the RARE Hantavirus (hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS) is almost none. The odds of you getting killed by a cow is higher than you catching it.
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Are you sure? From the information I've found in a couple different places, it's both some kinds of rats AND mice, not just rats. I could tell it was small, so I just assume it was a mouse.
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No. Hantavirus is caused by rats.  I bought a house once, and was never told there were dozens of rats in the attack!!!  I had it inspected before i bought it too. i had the health dept. and several agencies check it out.  Luckily it was not and i sold the house.   You have to have rats and the state health dept can send you info on it.
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