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Green Mucus?

I am a 22 year old female who works in health care.  recently I have been having a horrible cough and sore throat along with my nose constantly running.  it has gotten to the point where there is thick green mucus coming out when I blow my nose or cough.  it feels like there is a bunch of mucus stuck in the back of my throat all the time.  I have recently gotten headaches right in my temples and my body is achy and overly tired.  I however do not have a temp.  mine is actually 96.2.  I have had colds before but never to this extent.  and it is not only me at work who are having these symptoms.  This has been going on for about 3-5 days.  my cough is sometimes a dry cough as well.  I have tried countless OTC meds and nothing seems to help. any ideas?  
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It sounds like you have a respiratory and sinus infection.

Make an appointment to see your doctor to check your throat and ears and lungs.  If the doctor is of the opinion that this is a bacterial infection, he will prescribe you with an antibiotic.

At home do steam inhalations.  Boil up a kettleful of water (taking care not to get scalded).  Pour this into a bowl and put in some Vick, Olbas oil or any other decongesting oil you like.  Bend your head over the bowl and cover your head and the bowl with a towel.  Breathe in the steam through your nose and out through your mouth.  Do this for about 10 minutes.  Try and do it 4 times a day, but with you working do it when you can.  Morning and evening is fine.  

You can also apply some Vick on to your chest and throat.

Make sure you drink plenty of fluids.
Chicken soup is great as well as a hot honey and freshly squeezed lemon juice drink.
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I know this post is old but how did you overcome your symptoms? I had the same symptoms since march 18th. I took 10 days of augmentin, felt better immediately but soon as I was off the symptoms came back after 24 hours of finishing my last antibiotic. I don't know if its a new infection I have or the same one as towards the end of my antibiotic course I visited an ENT who did an oral exam with some, I think, an unsterilzed instrument. I also visited the dentist after i finished my antibiotic then the next morning woke up with a sore throat then came the green mucus and coughing again. Any tips/advice would be appreciated!
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Make an appointment to see your doctor as you may need another or a different antibiotic.

Follow the advice above with regard to steam inhalations.

For your sore throat gargle with salty water.
To ease the sore throat and the cough, cut a slice of fresh lemon and pour hot water over it and add honey to taste.  Microwaving the lemon in a cup for a few seconds will allow the juice to come out more.  Don't swish this around your teeth and don't brush your teeth soon afterwards.  Acidic drinks soften the tooth enamel.

You can also rub some Vick on your chest and throat and get someone to rub some into your back.

When you have to go outside and it is cold and windy, cover your nose and mouth with your scarf so that you are no inhaling the cold air.

Take pain relief medications as directed on the packet.  If you do opt for Ibuprofen, make sure you take this medication after you have had something to eat.  It can cause stomach bleeds, cause kidney failure and some people do get allergic reactions to this medication.  Always read the instructions on the packet for the safe use of any medications.

If the doctor considers your symptoms to be caused by a virus, an antibiotic will have no effect.  Antibiotics only work on bacterial infections.

Make an appointment and get checked out.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.
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