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Help!! Cough doesn't want to go away!!

In mid July I ended up getting a cold, that felt like it turned into the flu. I didn't go to a doctor, I normally don't. I used cold & flu meds that you get at your local pharmacy. I'm not big into Medicines and normally my cold would just go away on its own. With the cold and flu, I got a cough. Mostly a dry cough. My flu went away, but the cough stayed behind. Last week I went to the doctor and she said I had sinus and Inflammation in my airway pipe(something like that) she prescribed some anti-biotics, cough syrop and a few other with it. It has been a week now, my meds are done and still, I'm not better. :( I feel the same as I did before I went on my meds. I took it the way she said I should and finished it the way she said I should.

Please HELP. I'm Tired of coughing!
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You may need a second opinion from a specialist.  Ask for a referral.
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you made need to go to see another doctor if you have a whoop or a barking sound cough it could be either whooping cough or croup but you said your cough was dry yet still even with a dry cough it can cause inflammation. dont do otc drugs if you got prescribed meds then stick with them because otc drugs only reduce inflammation they do not take the cough away where as antibiotics help fight the bacteria and take the inflammation away my suggestion go see another doctor
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Hello... Thank you so much for your replies. I went to see another doctor and she gave me Allergex to drink at night and surprisingly, I'm busy getting better. I finished my prescribed meds long before, but no signs of improvement and now is the actual time I can say, I'm feeling better. My cough is almost gone.. :D
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