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I'm never sick, but when I do get sick I get Really high fevers. Why?

Ok, so I'm a 13 year old girl, okay? And I have had periods ( probably not an issue ) and recently, I got a Very high fever, 104.3 Fahrenheit to be exact. And This kind of high fever happened last October too. My Mother had taken me to the ER and they said that I had 'Upper Respiratory infection ' but I definitely know that's not the case  now. I had taken 2 Alka-seltzer  Cold and cough medicine ( purple clear large pill ) and that had brought my fever to 100.2 Fahrenheit but then about the next day, my fever rose back up to 103.4 Fahrenheit. I  can't seem to sweat this fever out and I've had symptoms of Fatigue, chills, sweating ( not a lot ) nausea (  but no vomiting ), pounding headaches, body aches and weakness. I am also trying to hydrate a lot. So, what could possibly be wrong with me?
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No one can diagnose from here, but if you have the flu it can last for a while or sometimes it is a short duration so that is a possibility.
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Ok I'll wait for other answers, but this could be a possibility. I'm still sick and this has lasted for about 4 days as I'm typing this. My fever has gone down though. Thanks for you answer.
I used to get them for 3 weeks, and once I was coughing all night for a month afterwards but the doc said it was just a long lasting event but I didn't have pneumonia. Now I get the flu shot instead of dealing with that.
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Fever is actually a positive thing. It's how our body fights infection/virus.  The idea is to make someone comfortable but still know that the fever is serving a purpose.  My son recently had a sustained fever of 104 to 105 with the flu.  I was a little freaked out but the three doctors I talked to that week (one on phone, one we saw when he tested positive for flu and the one I talked to on the phone about my other son who then got sick and needed Tamiflu) all said the exact same thing.  Fevers are not dangerous in general.  They are internal and that is a way our body is working.  Now, External heat IS dangerous. This is things like leaving a child in a parked car in the heat or in a hot tub that is turned up . . . that is external heat and like 'cooking' them.

Cough is tricky.  Once the airways are irritated, coughs can linger.  And they are usually worse at night or when you are doing something really active.  That's pretty common and normal but definitely irritating.

We get coughs with viruses and flu but do also get post secondary infections such as bronchitis or pneumonia.  

The issue with flu is not the flu itself but these post secondary infections.  When you hear of flu death, it is these that do it.  So, if you have a fever and cough, have your mom take you to the doctor.  They can listen for pneumonia and if they suspect it, they then can take an x ray and pneumonia is visible.  

AT 13 though, I have a 13 year old, your parents aren't overseeing your health care and making these determinations for you?
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Umm no actually. They aren't. But As I'm typing this I Have gotten rid of my fever, but I still do have really bad cough but thank you for you help!
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Why aren't your parents parenting?  My 13 year old had high fever last week when he tested positive for the flu and **I** took him to the doctor.  You aren't emancipated are you? That's unfortunate if they aren't caring for you properly.

Ya, coughs are often the hardest part to get rid of and they last way too long.  Hope you are better soon.  (oh, and try tea and honey).
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